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Reclaim Your Screen From Scammers

My husband periodically receives a warning box telling us to contact Microsoft because of viruses. We cannot close it, so we turn the computer off and wait a few minutes before turning it back on. Local computer gurus have run scans three times and say that we are not infected with a virus. What can we do? The persistent warning boxes sound like they are part of the ongoing blight of “tech support” scams that have plagued computer users for ... Full story

Injured in Tennis, She Put Her Psychology Degree to Use

“I had a lot of things on my list that I really want to do, and suddenly I had a lot of time on my hands to do them,” said Siegemund, who has ranked as high as 27th in the world. “All of these things came to my mind at the same time, so it kind of pushed away the negative about it.”. Siegemund, 30, relished spending more time with loved ones and further exploring psychology, the subject of the bachelor’s degree from the University of Hagen. She ... Full story

ICYMI: Baby love and a centenarian pianist

A baby gorilla and centenarian pianist are among the stories you might have missed this week. Full story

Doctor Dismisses British Man's Claims That Medication Made Him Gay

A British doctor questioned a 23-year-old man’s claims that prescription medication turned him gay , but encouraged others to support his coming out. Scott Purdy made headlines in of British tabloids this week, claiming that he began developing an attraction to other men just days after he began taking pregabalin ― better known by its Pfizer brand name, Lyrica ― in February after experiencing negative side effects from other medications he’d ... Full story

The shame, indignation and sadness caused by the Windrush scandal

I’ve never written to a newspaper before but I’ve had to voice my shame, indignation and sadness about the treatment of those who came from the Commonwealth to support in the rebuilding of the UK in the aftermath of WW2. I’ve watched so many interviews on the TV over the last few days where dignified, quietly spoken people just seem bewildered by what is happening to them. We asked these people to come help, they did, and even at the time I ... Full story

Ivana Trump thinks Vanessa will ‘have a problem’ finding a new man

Ivana Trump doesn’t want Donald Trump to run for president again in 2020. “I’ll tell you something, I don’t think it’s necessary,” she told The Post during an interview Wednesday at her Upper East Side townhouse. “He has a good life and he has everything. Donald is going to be 74, 73 for the next [election] and maybe he should just go and play golf and enjoy his fortune,” the president’s ex-wife said. Besides, she added, “I think he probably ... Full story

Best streaming and TV gifts for your 2018 grad

It's time to stop studying and turn on the TV! The new graduate worked hard to get through school, and he or she deserves an entertaining new gift. Here's a few suggestions. Full story

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Closing ceremony of 8th Beijing Int'l Film Festival"

CGTN (@CGTNOfficial). China Global Television Network, or CGTN, is a multi-language, multi-platform media grouping. Full story

'Tiantan Award' winners to be named at Beijing Int’l Film Festival

The coveted Tiantan Awards will be announced at the closing ceremony of the 8th Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF) on Sunday evening. Full story