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Raunchy, Sweet, and Worth a Watch - Vogue

Because life is short and overly filled with things to occupy your viewing time , I am going to keep this brief: Netflix’s new series Sex Education , which premieres on the streaming service on January 11, is flat-out terrific television. And I’m not just saying that because the utterly resplendent Gillian Anderson is in it, platinum-coiffed, somehow ageless, and in possession of pitch-perfect comedic timing. Though that doesn’t hurt, either. ... Full story

Yoochun holds a flower in 'Graduation' teaser for upcoming comeback

Yoochun has dropped a mysterious ' Graduation ' teaser video for his upcoming comeback. The teaser signals his return with his first full album ' Slow Dance ', and the 'Graduation 227' reminds fans of his release date on February 27 KST. Yoochun's solo album 'Slow Dance' contains a total of 9 tracks, including the title track "Slow Dance", " Strong ", " Reunion ", " Magic ", and more. Check out Yoochun's 'Graduation' teaser above, and let us ... Full story

Ha Sung Woon drops fresh teaser image for debut release 'My Moment'

Ha Sung Woon has dropped a fresh teaser image for his solo debut release ' My Moment '. The HOTSHOT member is taking on a cute, youthful look for his latest teaser as a follow-up to the serious moment in his previous teaser image . As previously reported, Sungwoon will be making his official solo debut following project group Wanna One 's disbandment. Ha Sung Woon's next teaser releases on February 17 KST, and his album 'My Moment' drops on ... Full story

TREI walk down a country road in 'Gravity' MV teaser

TREI have revealed their music video teaser for " Gravity ". In the MV teaser, Lee Jae Joon , Chae Chang Hyun , and Kim Jun Tae walk down a country road into the distance. "Gravity" is the title track of the trio's debut mini album ' Born ', which drops on February 19 KST. Check out TREI's "Gravity" MV teaser above! Full story

Robot writers drove 1,000 paying subscribers for Swedish publisher MittMedia

Swedish local news publisher MittMedia is using robot-generated content to drive subscriptions. Robot journalism has typically been touted as a tool to save time in busy newsrooms, but MittMedia has gained 1,000 digital subscribers across 20 of its local news sites using automated content, over the last year. The publisher, which now has nearly 80,000 digital subscribers, found that real-estate articles are the most effective at converting ... Full story

Update: Ha Sung Woon Shares New Photo Teaser For Solo Debut Album “My Moment”

Updated February 16 KST:. Ha Sung Woon has shared a different photo teaser for his upcoming solo debut! The theme of the new photo is “Dream,” check it out below! Updated February 15 KST:. The first photo teaser for Ha Sung Woon’s solo debut has been revealed! In the photo, Ha Sung Woon looks in the mirror with his hand pushing his hair back as if he is getting ready to go out. Check it out below! Original Article:. The first teaser has been ... Full story

Dubai Fountain: The story behind its dancing waters

Editor's Note — CNN's series often carry sponsorship originating from the countries and regions we profile. However, CNN retains full editorial control over all of its reports. Our sponsorship policy. (CNN) — Like a moth to a flame, visitors to Dubai invariably swarm around the colossal fountain at the foot of the Burj Khalifa. It's easy to see why: at more than 900-feet long, firing water 50 stories into the sky, the fountain is impressive, to ... Full story

Kim Chung Ha wins #1 + Performances from February 16th 'Show! Music Core'!

MBC 's ' Show! Music Core ' is back for its weekly show featuring performances by your favorite artists! On this episode, Chani and Hyunjin held a special stage, and 1THE9 performed " Like a Magic ". MAMAMOO 's Hwa Sa made her solo debut with " Twit ", ITZY made their debut with " Dalla Dalla ", SHINee 's Taemin returned with " Want ", ONF came back with " We Must Love ", Dream Catcher made their comeback with " Piri ", DK returned with " Lie ... Full story

Here are three features Twitter could add to earn some trust

I love Twitter, so it’s a real shame that it’s owned by the Twitter corporation. In many ways Twitter is already a human artifact worthy of history books, but as a software product in 2019, it stinks. The company’s crowning achievements in the past decade include replacing a star icon with a heart, doubling the length of tweets, and solving harassment with blog posts . Twitter’s upside is world-shaking and poetic — and that’s why its delinquent ... Full story

Watch: Chungha Takes 7th Win For “Gotta Go” On “Music Core”; Performances By Taemin, ITZY, DreamCatcher, And More

The February 16 episode of MBC’s “ Music Core ” had MC the Max’s “After You’ve Gone” up against Woody’s “Fire Up” and Chungha ’s “Gotta Go.” MC the Max came in third place with 3,830 points, and Woody came in second with 5,360 points. Though she has already wrapped up promotional activities for “Gotta Go,” Chungha took home the crown this week, making this her seventh win for “Gotta Go.” Congratulations to Chungha! The day featured stages by ... Full story