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In Ancient Peru, Archaeologists Find Rare Spinal Condition And Possible Inbreeding

An extremely rare condition of the spine, in which an extra lumbar vertebra is present, was recently discovered in nearly one-fifth of burials in an ancient Peruvian cemetery. Could this inherited genetic condition be the result of inbreeding? Research at the Moquegua Valley site of Rio Muerto, a cemetery associated with Tiwanaku and dating to 500-1100 AD, was presented at last week’s American Association of Physical Anthropologists conference ... Full story

Man refuses to leave cancer-stricken wife's side while she's in isolation

John Newman sits by the door keeping his wife, Marci, company as she remains in isolation after undergoing radiation treatment. After nearly 18 years of marriage, John Newman has hardly left his wife's side — after all, he vowed to be there "in sickness and in health.". So when Marci, 49, was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in October, John was there for all of the doctor appointments, surgeries and treatments. A few weeks ago, Marci had an ... Full story

Man whose body was found encased in concrete may have been missing months

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Missouri man whose body authorities believe is the one found in a crate encased in concrete in a dumpster might have been missing for months before the group home where he lived reported that he was gone, a sheriff said Wednesday. A body that likely will be identified as Carl DeBrodie, 31, was found Monday in the dumpster in a storage unit in Fulton, about 100 miles west of St. Louis. A positive identification has not been ... Full story

Cancer Drugs Fund condemned as expensive and ineffective

White blood cells with acute myelocytic leukemia. One of the report’s authors said the Cancer Drugs Fund had been a ‘massive health error’. Photograph: Alamy Stock Photo. The Cancer Drugs Fund, set up by the government to pay for expensive medicines that the NHS would not normally finance, failed to benefit patients and may have resulted in some of them suffering unnecessarily from toxic side-effects, experts say. An analysis in a leading ... Full story

Dog food possibly contaminated with euthanasia drug is recalled

Party Animal has voluntarily recalled two of its products due to possible contamination with pentobarbital, a pet euthanasia drug. A Texas-based company has issued a voluntary recall of dog food that may be contaminated with a pet euthanasia drug. According to a statement, the company Party Animal received word from a retailer in Texas of the contamination after a customer presented two cans of dog food that tested positive for pentobarbital, a ... Full story

Thousands of cancer patients denied wish to die at home

Numbers of community or district nurses nurses are dropping, a shortage worsening end-of-life care, says the RCN. Photograph: Burger/Phanie/Rex Features. Tens of thousands of people with cancer are dying in hospital every year even though they would rather spend their final days at home or in a hospice. Although only 1% of cancer patients say they would prefer to die in hospital, 38% do, according to research by Macmillan Cancer Support , ... Full story

Why going for a run could improve more than just your fitness

The benefits of exercise go beyond fitness: reducing risk of disease, improving sleep, and boosting mood. But can it improve our vision, too? The findings of a new study suggest the answer is yes. Intrigued by recent findings that neuron firing rates in the regions of mouse and fly brains associated with visual processing increase during physical activity, psychologists wanted to know if the same might be true for the human brain. To find out, ... Full story

I Quit Drinking Soda After Reading These 2 Scientific Studies (Not for the Reason You'd Think)

Until a week or so ago, I drank soda. I was grabbing a can a day from the fridge at work-- sometimes two (mostly diet). Then I read the studies I'll be telling you about below, and I flat-out quit. Cold turkey, 100 percent. Americans still drink a lot of soft drinks. Many of us wonder, which is worse: the sugar in regular soda, or the chemicals in diet? Now, a pair of university studies has some disquieting answers to those key questions about ... Full story

Fear of talking about dying 'leading to thousands of traumatic hospital deaths'

Thousands of cancer patients would prefer to die at home but are forced to suffer “traumatic” deaths in hospital, according to Macmillan. Taboos around talking about death are fuelling a “crisis of communication” in the UK that prevents people from planning their final days, warned the organisation in a new report. Research by the charity found that while 38 per cent of people who die from cancer die in hospital , just one per cent would choose ... Full story

9 Things That Can Hurt Your Liver

WHAT CAUSES LIVER DISEASE? Your liver is the largest organ in your body, and it has some equally big responsibilities: filtering the body’s blood, processing nutrients, helping to fight infection, producing proteins you need for blood clotting, and much more. But all these jobs mean your liver is vulnerable to assault on multiple fronts. If it becomes damaged, scarring (cirrhosis) can occur, which can eventually cause liver failure or cancer. ... Full story