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New Skin Cream To Do Something

According to Olay representatives, the new skin cream “definitely does a bunch of the skin things that people like.”. According to Olay representatives, the new skin cream “definitely does a bunch of the skin things that people like.”. CINCINNATI—Representatives from Olay skin products confirmed Monday that their new skin cream does something, like “something that has to do with aging, or smoothness, or some other skin thing.”. “You apply it, ... Full story

Leak of Windows 10 Source Code Raises Security Concerns

Microsoft has confirmed that a significant chunk of its source code for Windows 10 was posted to a repository called BetaArchive. The exact size of the leak has been disputed, but the data reportedly comes from the Shared Source Kit that Microsoft distributes to trusted partners. Full story

Snakebites Make The WHO List Of 'Neglected Tropical NPR

Echis carinatus — aka the carpet viper — is a venomous species that strikes humans in parts of the Middle East and Africa. Snakebites kill more than 100,000 people per year, the World Health Organization estimates. The organization recently took a step to reduce that number by adding venomous snake bites to its list of neglected tropical diseases – a classification that could help get more resources allocated to fighting this public health ... Full story

Can heightened empathy be a bad thing?

Cuddle me: can there ever be too many hugs? CONSIDERING the attention autism gets, it’s surprising how rarely we hear of the condition some call its opposite, Williams syndrome. This genetic disorder, which causes people to be over-affectionate, talkative and gregarious, is rarer than autism, affecting about 1 in 10,000 people. Yet, like autism, researchers see it as a unique window into the complex interplay of nature and nurture that shapes ... Full story

At Nursing Homes, Medicaid Cuts Would Reach Even the Upper Middle Class

Under federal law, state Medicaid programs are required to cover nursing home care. But state officials decide how much to pay facilities, and states under budgetary pressure could decrease the amount they are willing to pay or restrict eligibility for coverage. Continue reading the main story. “The states are going to make it harder to qualify medically for needing nursing home care,” predicted Toby S. Edelman, a senior policy attorney at the ... Full story

Here Is How Senate Republicans Try To Hide The Damage Of Their Repeal Bill

Senate Republicans desperately want you to believe their health care bill is something it’s not. They want you to believe that it protects the financially and medically vulnerable, that it won’t “pull the rug out” from people now depending on the Affordable Care Act for insurance, that ― as President Donald Trump has promised ― it will have “heart.”. Reality is different. The Senate bill , which GOP leaders unveiled , looks an awful lot like ... Full story

Deep cuts to Medicaid put rural hospitals in the crosshairs

Since 2010, at least 79 rural hospitals have closed across the country, and nearly 700 more are at risk of closing. These hospitals serve a largely older, poorer and sicker population than most hospitals, making them particularly vulnerable to changes made to Medicaid funding. "A lot of hospitals like [ours] could get hurt," says Kerry Noble, CEO of Pemiscot Memorial Health Systems, which runs the public hospital in Pemiscot County, one of the ... Full story

NHS doctors turning to substance abuse amid rising levels of stress and burnout

The number of GPs seeking specialist help for substance abuse and mental health problems is “increasing day on day”, the medical director of a new NHS support service for doctors has warned. Referrals to the GP Health Service have surpassed expectations since its launch in late January, while medics in all fields are seeking help “in escalating numbers”, said Clare Gerada, former chair of the Royal College of GPs. Dr Gerada told The Independent ... Full story

With millions set to lose Obamacare, DWP workers keep getting a sweeter deal

Two news items jumped out at me in the last several days. Item one: The U.S. Senate , after conducting its business behind closed doors, burped up a healthcare reform package that is likely to throw millions of people off the health insurance rolls. Item two: The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power announced a contract agreement that offers free healthcare for members of the utility’s biggest union, and it’s being rushed to a vote without ... Full story

Missouri Drugs Foster Children to Keep Them Docile

This article first appeared on Missouri's foster care system prescribes a dangerous amount of anti-psychotic drugs to children, according to a suit filed June 13 by the National Center for Youth Law, the Saint Louis University School of Law Legal Clinic, and the legal advocacy group Children's Rights. Powerful psychotropic drugs designed for schizophrenia or bipolar disorder are being used to manage behavioral problems or attention ... Full story