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After a hectic week of TNReady testing and issues with the online exam platform, lawmakers and school leaders say it's time to fix the problems. "We've got to protect our students, our teachers, our schools and hold all of them harmless," state Rep. Eddie Smith, R-Knoxville, said. That is what is happening with the new plan the legislature has put forward, at least for 2018. The TNReady test results from this year won't be used in assessing ... Full story

What do Indian parents tell their children about rape?

Image caption India's crime records show that reported rapes of minor children had more than doubled between 2012 and 2016. Outrage has grown in India after two incidents where children were tortured, raped and murdered. People across the country came out in protest, with some of them even taking their children to demonstrations. With so much news around child rape and murder and the exploitation of the powerless by the powerful, how do Indian ... Full story

How Would Your Marriage Score On This Test from the 1930s?

There's no secret formula as to what makes a good marriage, but that doesn't stop psychologists and scientists from trying to figure it out. I'm sure their spouses are thrilled. Advertisement. For example, back in 1939 Northwestern University's George W. Crane, Ph.D and M.D. (dude who no doubt had a perfect marriage) made something called the Marital Rating Scale to see how a marriage rates. Giphy. With one checklist for each spouse, Dr. Crane ... Full story

50 Survey Questions To Better Learn About Your Customers

When creating a customer survey, it helps to have some examples of effective questions other companies have used in their surveys. That’s why we created this list of 50 survey question examples, broken down by category, based on the type of survey you’d like to create. We’ve also included an explanation for how each question can be helpful given your desired goal. --Survey types--. Product/Market Fit:. Use these product-fit questions to help ... Full story

Program teaches students about empathy

HARLAN COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - James A. Cawood Elementary teachers are using puppets to teach students about empathy and diversity. The program is called Muttigrees. It introduces children to dogs and compares how they are different and alike just like people. Educators said the program helps with social learning. "It combines humane-education, which helps children better understand how to treat animals, with social-emotional learning which helps ... Full story

"No Tears Left To Cry" by Ariana Grande

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The Ultimate Zilliqa Review: Solving the Great Scalability Problem Cryptocurrency

Scalability is the number one problem facing Blockchain today. And it’s a technically challenging problem, one with no easy solution that’s prevented blockchain technology from reaching real-world adoption. But this problem may, for the first time, have a real solution thanks to Zilliqa , the world’s first blockchain with a sharding implementation. Zilliqa solves the scalability problem through a version of sharding called transaction sharding ... Full story

How to use python to test your Ethereum Smart Contracts

I recently started working on Ethereum Blockchain development. Most of the tools, including the solidity language are biased towards javascript. While I managed to get started using truffle when it came to testing, I found that javascript tests were (IMO) unnecessarily too long. But that is the nature of the language. I have always been more comfortable with python than JS. I liked and have used py.test in my previous projects. So when I had an ... Full story

How To Write A Killer LinkedIn Recommendation

I'm job-hunting right now along with about 20 of my former coworkers. We all lost our jobs at the same time. We are all writing LinkedIn recommendations for each other but some of these recommendations are weak. I just got a recommendation that one of my former teammates wrote for me. Watch on Forbes:. I'm grateful that she was kind enough to write it, but here's what the LinkedIn recommendation says:. Curtis is a diligent and responsible ... Full story