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Home sellers risk losing money over quick sales

Image caption Marianne Phillips says her agent dropped the asking price of her house without permission. Home sellers could be at risk of losing large sums of money when using quick-sale estate agents to find a buyer, Trading Standards has warned. It has seen dozens of cases of people losing tens of thousands of pounds off the market value of their homes. Some homeowners will accept a lower offer price to secure a speedy sale, and many firms ... Full story

Workday Shares Perk Up Following Last Year’s Lackluster Performance

In 2019, Workday shares rose 3% versus a 35.2% gain for the Nasdaq Composite. Photographer: Michael ... [+] Short/Bloomberg © 2019 Bloomberg Finance LP. In the early days of 2020, Workday (WDAY) stock is off to a good start, rising 13.3% versus a 4.7% return for the Nasdaq Composite. Last year, the shares gained just 3%, well below the Nasdaq Composite’s 35.2% return. For a better showing this year, Workday needs to exhibit increased demand ... Full story

Elephants are falling into trenches on Indian tea plantations

You probably don’t think of your morning cup of tea as a safety hazard, but those aromatic leaves can mean injury—even death—for Asian elephants roaming Indian tea gardens, or plantations, in the northeastern state of Assam. Tea is the second most popular drink in the world (after water), and production in India—the world’s second-largest producer behind China—reached a record high of 1.27 million tons in 2016, according to a 2018 report by the ... Full story

As the venture market tightens, a debt lender sees big opportunities – TechCrunch

David Spreng spent more than 20 years in venture capital before dipping his toe into the world of revenue-based financing and realizing there was a growing appetite for alternatives to venture capital. Indeed, since forming debt-lending company Runway Growth Capital in mid-2015, Spreng has been busy writing checks to a variety of mostly later-stage companies on behalf of his institutional investors. (One of these, Oak Tree Capital Management in ... Full story

A founder’s guide to recession planning for startups – TechCrunch

We are living through one of the nation’s longest periods of economic growth. Unfortunately, the good times can’t last forever. A recession is likely on the horizon, even if we can’t pinpoint exactly when. Founders can’t afford to wait until the midst of a downturn to figure out their game plans; that would be like initiating swim lessons only after getting dumped in the open ocean. When recession inevitably strikes, it will be many founders’ — ... Full story

Scale of UK fossil fuel support 'staggering'

A small government agency is supporting fossil fuel projects abroad with estimated carbon emissions of a country the size of Portugal, it has emerged. UK Export Finance (UKEF), a government agency in the Department for International Trade, is spending billions of pounds on the projects, Newsnight researchers have found. This is despite a government commitment to cut down on carbon emissions. The Conservative Environment Network (CEN) called the ... Full story

Netflix adds 8.8M subscribers despite growing competition – TechCrunch

Netflix grew by 8.8 million net subscribers in the fourth quarter of 2019, according to its latest earning report , putting its growth well ahead of its forecast of 7.6 million. The company says it has 167 million paid memberships worldwide, with more than 100 million outside the United States. It also reported stronger-than-expected financials, with revenue of $5.47 billion and earnings per share of $1.30, compared to analyst estimates of ... Full story

Elon Musk’s Net Worth Surges $1.7 Billion As Tesla Becomes World’s Second Most Valuable Automaker

Elon Musk is now the 28th-richest person in the world. ASSOCIATED PRESS. Tesla’s market cap hit $100 billion on Wednesday, speeding past Volkswagen, which currently sits at $88 billion. Tesla shares surged 16% in the week through January 23, increasing Elon Musk’s net worth by $1.7 billion to $32 billion. The 49-year-old Tesla CEO, who owns nearly 22% of the electric vehicle maker’s stock, is currently the 28th-richest person in the world. He ... Full story

Morrisons supermarket axes 3,000 managers in huge shake-up

Morrisons is axing 3,000 management roles as part of a huge restructuring to create more shop floor jobs. The firm says it is also creating 7,000 new hourly-paid roles at its 500 stores, meaning a net 4,000 new posts. The new jobs will be in customer-facing roles, such as more butchers, bakers, fishmongers, the supermarket said. Managers will be able to move to the new jobs, with the firm saying there will be roles "for everybody who wants to ... Full story

US regulators need to catch up with Europe on fintech innovation  – TechCrunch

Fintech companies are fundamentally changing how the financial services ecosystem operates, giving consumers powerful tools to help with savings, budgeting, investing, insurance, electronic payments and many other offerings. This industry is growing rapidly, filling gaps where traditional banks and financial institutions have failed to meet customer needs. Yet progress has been uneven. Notably, consumer fintech adoption in the United States ... Full story