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Olympic hackers may be attacking chemical warfare prevention labs

Reuters/Pawel Kopczynski. The team behind the 2018 Winter Olympics hack is still active, according to security researchers -- in fact, it's switching to more serious targets. Kaspersky has discovered that the group, nicknamed Olympic Destroyer, has been launching email phishing attacks against biochemical warfare prevention labs in Europe and Ukraine as well as financial organizations in Russia. The methodology is extremely familiar, including ... Full story

World’s first known nursery for giant manta rays discovered in Gulf of Mexico

The world’s first-known nursery for juvenile giant manta rays has been discovered hidden away in the Gulf of Mexico . Scientists from the University of California uncovered the region, 70 miles off the coast of Texas , after studying decades of giant manta ray data from the area. Where juveniles grow up has long baffled scientists, as they are rarely spotted in the four to five years it takes them to become adults, when they can often grow to ... Full story

NHTSA issues cease and desist for Tesla Autopilot Buddy

Autopilot Buddy clips to a Tesla's steering wheel in an attempt to cheat the system's warnings about hands-off operation. Dumb, right? Don't get me wrong, Tesla's Autopilot technology is pretty darn neat. But anyone trying to cheat the system in an attempt to experience long periods of hands-off-the-wheel driving is, well, stupid. We recently told you about a little thing called Autopilot Buddy , a product marketed as a "nag reduction device" ... Full story

Will Multi-Cloud Strategy Help Docker Inc. Win The Enterprise?

- Share to facebook - Share to linkedin - Share to google. , I cover Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, and Internet of Things Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Continued from page 1. Microsoft is actively working towards making Windows a first-class citizen in the Kubernetes world. Azure Kubernetes Service, the cloud-hosted Kubernetes offering from Microsoft, already supports Windows containers. Customers can sign up for ... Full story

Dust Storms Worsen India's Air as Part of Deadly ‘New Normal’

Deadly dust storms sweeping over the densely-populated north Indian plains are part of a "new normal" of disruptive weather events worsening the country’s already-lethal air pollution and causing disruption in the $2.3 trillion economy. In recent months, dust clouds and storms have killed hundreds of people, destroyed thousands of homes and farmers’ crops and led to flight cancellations. The government in New Delhi, a city of more than 20 ... Full story

Uber reportedly increased self-driving simulations after fatal crash

Uber allegedly "neglected" simulation testing for its autonomous vehicles according to The Information . Following March's fatal accident between one of Uber's self-driving vehicles and a pedestrian, that's apparently changed, after ceasing all on-road testing . The publication's sources claim that there was a dearth of investment in the simulation software, and lots of incompatible code between the autonomous vehicle software and simulation ... Full story

Remnants Of Our Solar System’s Formation Found In Our Interplanetary Dust

We know what our Solar System looks like today, but one of science’s greatest mysteries is how it formed and grew up to be the way it is right now. There are some general pieces we know must be true from a variety of astronomical observations. Like all star systems, ours formed from a collapsing cloud of molecular gas. Like all stars with planets, our young proto-star formed a protoplanetary disk that grew into planets, asteroids, and the ... Full story

IBM Unveils System That ‘Debates’ With Humans

SAN FRANCISCO — A match between an Israeli college debate champion and a loquacious IBM computer program demonstrated on Monday new gains in the quest for computers that can hold conversations with humans. It also led to an unlikely question for the tech industry’s deep thinkers: Can a machine talk too much? At an IBM office in downtown San Francisco, Noa Ovadia, a college senior who won an Israeli championship in 2016, squared off with IBM’s ... Full story

Internet takes aim at Trump's Space Force Video

President Donald Trump's announcement of an upcoming Space Force made waves on the internet. Jeanne Moos reports. Full story

Verizon will stop selling customer location data to aggregators

In its letter, Verizon said that it provides location data through two aggregators -- LocationSmart and Zumigo. They then give other companies access to their location-based services that utilize Verizon's and other carriers' data. Those types of services can include routing calls to the right facility, fraud prevention and vehicle tracking. Verizon told Wyden that not only had it suspended Securus' access to its customer location data, it had ... Full story