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Ctrl+Alt+Del was created by IBM engineer David Bradley

Ctrl+Alt+Del will go down in history as that one confoundingly difficult way to restart your PC when everything else has failed. But as its creator, David Bradley, tells Great Big Story , it was a pain by design. The tool was first developed because Bradley and the 11 other engineers building the first IBM PC needed a quicker way to restart the computer when their code broke it down. They had been unplugging it and plugging it back in–another ... Full story

Fire At AT&T Facility Causes Outage For Over a Million U-Verse Fiber Customers In Texas

New submitter JustChapman writes: Local Dallas/Fort Worth WFAA is reporting a major outage of AT&T U-Verse fiber internet , due to a lightening strike at a switching facility in Richardson, TX. Apparently the strike took out primary and secondary power systems, setting fire to the building. One commenter states a representative allegedly said that 1.5 million customers are currently without service. Full story

all northbound lanes of I-95 shut down at 595 due to rollover crash"

WSVN- 7 News: "Traffic alert: all northbound lanes of I-95 shut down at 595 due to rollover crash" - - - - - -. - Sorry, this site requires JavaScript for full functionality. Please enable JavaScript in your browser and reload the page. Full story

Viking longship discovery thrills archaeologists

Archaeologists in Norway have used ground-penetrating radar technology to discover an extremely rare Viking longship in what experts are describing as a “sensational” find. A team from the Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research (NIKU) harnessed high-resolution georadar to locate the ship in Østfold County, southeastern Norway. The 66-foot vessel, which is located in a burial mound, is just beneath the topsoil at a depth of 1.6 feet. ... Full story

Nature will need up to five million years to fill the gaps caused by man-made mass extinctions, study finds

Mankind has taken the world to the brink of a mass extinction that could wipe out vast swathes life on Earth for millions of years, scientists have warned in a new study. Humans are killing off animal and plant species so rapidly that evolution is unable to keep up to fill the gaps left behind, the work suggests. Unless conservation efforts are stepped up, nature will require between three and five million years to recover the levels of ... Full story

Rolls-Royce Wants to Fill the Seas With Self-Sailing Ships

“Helsinki VTS, thank you for permission to depart,” the captain says over the radio. He checks with the Vessel Traffic Service to see if there’s anything to be looking out for. Just one other big ship, but also lots of small boats, enjoying the calm water, which could be hazards. Not a problem for this captain—he has a giant screen on the bridge, which overlays the environment around his vessel with an augmented reality view. He can navigate ... Full story

Akai Fire is the first ever dedicated hardware controller for FL Studio

Akai has teamed up with Image-Line to create the first dedicated controller for FL Studio , called Fire. At its heart, Fire has a 4x16 velocity-sensitive RGB pad matrix, allowing you to input patterns on the Step Sequencer or switch over to Performance Mode for live playing, recording of notes and launching patterns. Fire also includes four touch-capacitive knobs with four banks of settings, giving the user instant adjustment over parameter ... Full story

F-16 destroyed on airstrip after man accidentally triggers Vulcan cannon while working on fighter jet nearby

An fighter jet exploded into flames on a Belgian airstrip after a maintenance worker accidentally pulled the trigger of a Vulcan cannon while working on another plane parked nearby, according to local reports. The Belgian armed forces put out an initial statement after the incident on Thursday which said a “fire broke out during maintenance work”, on three aircraft at the Florennes military base, resulting in the destruction of one plane and ... Full story

Semcasting unveils ‘self-serve deterministic attribution platform’

Get the most important digital marketing news each day. Note: By submitting this form, you agree to Third Door Media's terms . We respect your privacy . Attribution is one of those services that seems to take place inside a black box, where all kinds of algorithms make all kinds of assumptions. To help make the box less obscure, Andover, Massachusetts-based Semcasting is out today with The Attributor, which it describes as the first ... Full story

Next-generation creative joystick by BRAIN MAGIC.Inc —Kickstarter

日本の方に向けた本ページと同じ内容を日本語でご案内しております. O2 is the ultimate solution to over exertion, which brings relief to creators all over the world. Our original patented technology sets creators free from complicated, button based procedures by allowing them to operate with a joystick-type device with just one hand. Images that programmers and developers work with are very delicate. Even if they come up with amazing designs and ideas, a countless number of ... Full story