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Why CFOs Needn't Hunt For Data Science Unicorns

Most CFOs have been trained to focus on the past, with historical reporting and benchmarking at the heart of their mission. But as competitive pressures accelerate, they’re increasingly expected to help shape the future too. The ultimate goal? To unlock value currently hidden in financial, operational, and third-party data that can help drive company success. And that is why CFOs are on the hunt for data scientists, a new breed of professionals ... Full story

Tropical Island Dishes

In Middle Quarters, a village on the southern coast of Jamaica, roadside stands serve sweet shrimp simmered in peppery broth. Inspired by this, Bradford Thompson simmers shrimp in a fragrant broth made with lager, chile and fresh ginger, then serves them with avocado and a light mango dressing for a great salad. GO TO RECIPE Full story

Ice-spraying balloons are the latest climate idea because we are running out of climate ideas

The idea of using technology to directly cool Earth’s climate — most often called geoengineering — has always been equal parts bold and crazy. But it’s getting slightly more plausible every day. At... Full story

CCTV-studded, teargas-shooting, water-cannon-ed riot-control killdozer

Are you an urban police force thinking about how to control your fellow humans? Look no farther! Your pals at Bozena have an all-new RIOT system, a crowd-control killdozer for all your protest-suppressing needs! Literally every word on this website is straight out of the darkest timeline. Highlights! "The shield comes equipped with launching ports designed for use of guns or other rubber projectiles launchers" and "the trailer is capable of ... Full story

India replaces Japan for 3rd spot in domestic air travel

The world’s fastest growing air travel market for several months in a row has added another feather on its cap by being the third-largest domestic aviation market globally with more people flying within the country last year than Japan, which has been pushed to number four spot. NEW DELHI: Propelled by the tail wind generated by increasing domestic air travel demand, the Indian aviation industry continues to soar to new heights. The world's ... Full story

Hopping rockets and flying washing machines in wacky race to moon

Apollo 17 astronaut Eugene Cernan drives across the lunar surface in the last manned mission to the moon in 1972. Photograph: Science & Society Picture Librar/SSPL via Getty Images. By the end of the year, space engineers hope to fulfil one of their greatest dreams. They plan to land a privately funded probe on the moon and send a small robot craft trundling over the lunar surface. If they succeed they will open up the exploitation of the moon ... Full story

Raspberry Pi 3 can do crazy things / Boing Boing

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has done outstanding work packing a fully capable desktop computer into a package the size of a deck cards—especially one that only costs $35. But if you already have a working laptop, why should you care? Oh, how much you have to learn. Besides operating well as a compact digital media hub, the Raspberry Pi is an exceptional tool for Internet of Things construction, programming robots, hacking, and a whole slew of ... Full story

Stanford report calls for closer U.S.-China collaboration on solar energy - Xinhua

A technician walks insolar panels in Golmud, northwest China's Qinghai Province, Sept. 5, 2016. Qinghai benefited from solar panels with annual electricity output reached 20 billion kilowatt-hours. (Xinhua/Zhang Hongxiang). SAN FRANCISCO, March 25 (Xinhua) -- A new report from Stanford University researchers calls for China and the United States to work more closely together on solar energy with each country capitalizing on its particular ... Full story

Nissan Recalls More Than 56,000 Cars, Cites Power Steering

FILE - This Feb. 11, 2016, photo shows a Nissan emblem on a 2016 Nissan automobile at the Pittsburgh International Auto Show in Pittsburgh. Nissan is recalling over 120,000 cars and SUVs in the U.S. because brake fluid could leak and cause fires. In some cases owners should park their vehicles outside until they are fixed. The recall covers certain 2015 to 2017 Murano SUVs and 2016 to 2017 Maxima large cars that are equipped with intelligent ... Full story

Innovative Bike Shock Absorber Takes to Kickstarter | Digital Trends

Why it matters to you. Comfort is important during a long bike ride. The Rinsten Spring offers an affordable way to update any bicycle with proper protection. Without shock absorbers, a bicycle ride can be very uncomfortable. Even with standard absorbers, they are only designed to compress in one direction. Rinsten , a team of cyclists, has developed an innovative solution. The Rinsten Spring installs under the seat of practically any bicycle ... Full story