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Natural Gas Industry Surprised It Could Be So Much Cleaner

The natural gas industry may be one of its own worst enemies. Most energy executives underestimate how much they can cut emissions as they extract and transport natural gas, according to by the Energy Institute. Producers can reduce greenhouse gas flows by 75 percent simply by improving practices in the supply chain of the fuel, which consists mainly of methane. About half of that can be cut at no net cost. “Implementing just those measures ... Full story

Network Virtualization For Dummies

It's time to bring your network into the future. For a truly modern data center, virtualizing your network is key. In this comprehensive guide, Network Virtualization For Dummies, you will find out:. - Why now is the right time to virtualize your network. - How network virtualization works. - Best practices, tips and ways to save time Full story

Twickets launches Facebook app

Face-value resale ticketing platform Twickets has launched its official Facebook app for major artists including Ed Sheeran and Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds. The function is embedded in participating artists' Facebook page and is accessible from a new "Ticket Resale" section on the main toolbar, introducing face value resale directly into the social networking site. Acts who have utilised the app include Ed Sheeran , George Ezra , Noel ... Full story

IBM App Connect introduces a new way to detect situations in your applications

A ‘Situation detector’ node has been added to the toolbox palette of the IBM App Connect flow editor allowing you to create flows that can detect complex situations in your data. The role of the Situation detector node is to collect events and detect situations based on the number of events received, when they are received, and the correlation between them. As an example the Situation detector node can detect situations such as:. “There are at ... Full story

4 Cable-Hiding Solutions - Mom and More

As much as we might love and rely on our tech products, there’s no denying that they have a downside: the cables. Full story

Tesla Model 3 Stuns German Engineers With Its Wonders

Georg Kacher is an automotive journalist for Süddeutsche Zeitung , the newspaper of record for Munich, Germany. In an article published on February 16, he reports that no fewer than a dozen Tesla Model 3 automobiles are in Germany and being torn apart to learn their secrets. It is known as “benchmarking” in the industry and it’s an important part of all manufacturing in the modern world. Photo credit: Kyle Field/CleanTechnica. Kacher says a ... Full story

Why You Should Stay Positive When You’re Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Let’s start with some light science. When the space program got its start, NASA launched the Saturn V to explore outer space. The rocket went through a 3-stage launch process in which—very simply put—each time it traveled a certain distance from the ground, it shed a layer, until the final portion of the rocket propelled into space. Out of all three stages, the first stage carried the rocket the shortest distance, yet required the fuel. As the ... Full story

Microsoft terminates push notification service for Windows Phone 7.5 and 8.0

Starting February 20, Microsoft will end push notification service for the devices running Microsoft Windows Phone 7.5 and 8. The company announced this on February 19, noting that the platforms are no longer supported, which directs it to discontinue services. No more of push notifications means that the devices with OS Windows Phone 7 and 8 will not receive notifications anymore. Live tiles will not receive updates either, and neither will ... Full story

Waste not, want not: The downside of digital - Article Cloud28+

By Xavier Poisson Gouyou Beauchamps Share:. For a long period of time, caring about digital waste has been referring to the millions of used electronic components that need to be handled and recycled after they become obsolete. But given the accelerated rhythm of data creation and compute needs on the planet, the problem of digital waste has now taken another dimension. Datacenters themselves have become the problem, and we need to act on this ... Full story

Digital disruption is not a dirty word - Article Cloud28+

Digital disruption is happening right now, all around you! Data is expanding rapidly and many businesses may find it a struggle to keep up. While it sounds a little scary, there are actually a multitude of benefits to digital disruption that can help catapult your business into the future, if you know how to ride the wave. What Is Digital Disruption? Contrary to what the name suggests, digital disruption is not necessarily a negative thing, ... Full story