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Why GPS-dependent apps deplete your smartphone battery

Have you ever turned on location services and noticed your smartphone battery drain in a matter of minutes? People have come up with theories of why that’s happening: maybe you forgot to quit an app that keeps tracking your location, or your phone’s too busy searching for connections to cell towers and satellites. But which is it? Why do smartphone batteries drain so much faster when it’s using GPS? Here’s what’s really happening when you turn ... Full story

Chinese Retail Giant Launches Open Blockchain Platform , China’s largest retailer and e-commerce provider, has deployed an open blockchain platform to enable customers to have their own blockchain solutions to improve the transparency, efficiency and security of their operations, the company announced on its corporate blog . The JD Blockchain Open Platform expands the company’s Retail as a Service and will allow customers to build smart contracts on both private and public enterprise clouds. ... Full story

Sightings, satellites help track mysterious ocean giant

The sight of a basking shark's brooding silhouette gliding through the waters off western France is more than just a rare treat for sailors – it is a boon for scientists trying to trace its secretive migrations across the globe. Full story

Biggest-ever British warship joins forces with most powerful American stealth fighter jets

Britain’s largest-ever warship, the HMS Queen Elizabeth, is joining forces with the American-made most powerful stealth fighter jets in the world. The ship is the first of the Queen Elizabeth (QE) Class aircraft carriers and is embarking on its very first transatlantic journey. The giant warship will arrive off the eastern coast of the United States where it will start the first flight trials with the fifth generation Lightning II Joint Strike ... Full story

Big Oil is racing to pump all the oil out of Texas

THE GOLD RUSH IS ON IN TEXAS, AND BIG OIL IS SCRAMBLING FOR A PIECE OF THE ACTION. The oil industry is shelling out billions of dollars in a series of acquisitions in the Permian Basin, the hottest oilfield in the world. The latest deal came on Tuesday when Diamondback Energy ( FANG ) agreed to purchase shale producer Energen ( EGN ) for $9.2 billion, forming one of the largest players in the Permian. Late last month, BP ( BP ) inked a $10.5 ... Full story

Reclaiming the sky: China looks to boost general aviation industry

The Seventh Faku Flight Conference kicked off in Shenyang, capital of Northeast China's Liaoning Province on Saturday with the aim of increasing the awareness of China’s rising general aviation industry.  Full story

Radioactive sheep bolster nuclear weapon test claim against Israel, researchers say

The nuclear test seen above was a 34-kiloton blast conducted by France in the South Pacific Ocean in 1971. (Getty Images). Newly discovered data from radioactive sheep provides strong evidence that a mysterious “double flash” detected almost 39 years ago near a remote island group was a nuclear explosion. Ever since the flash was observed by a U.S. “Vela” satellite orbiting above Earth in September 1979, there’s been speculation that it was ... Full story

Google's next Chromecast may offer improved connectivity

The addition of Bluetooth support was somewhat expected, as Google told the FCC earlier this year that it planned such an update, Variety notes. The current version of Chromecast does include a Bluetooth chip, which is used during the setup process , but future iterations of the device may offer full support for the standard and open up the streaming dongle to more flexible connectivity with other devices. Meanwhile, Google is altering an ... Full story

The world's network of undersea cables [8268 × 5177] : MapPorn

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Reebok launches sustainable sneaker made from cotton and corn

Following a trend in industries ranging from software to food, Reebok is going sustainable. The footwear company launched a pair of sneakers Tuesday that are made entirely from natural products. Allbirds and Nike have been doing this for years. The company announced its plans last spring to create a sneaker with an upper part made from organic cotton and a sole from corn, but as CBS News' DeMarco Morgan reports, prioritizing sustainability ... Full story