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Surprising VMA Moments - Photo Gallery MTV

As long as Beyoncé is performing at the VMAs, you can count on it to be legendary. Queen B stopped the world and surprised the audience with an endless supply of ‘Lemonade’ when she performed her entire album at the 2016 VMAs. Full story

How Sex Affects Intelligence, and Vice Versa

Whether or not porn "addiction" literally damages the brain, even brief viewing of pornographic images does interfere with people’s “working memory”—the ability to mentally juggle and pay attention to multiple items. A study published last October in the Journal of Sex Research tested the working memory of 28 healthy individuals when they were asked to keep track of neutral, negative, positive, or pornographic stimuli. “Results revealed worse ... Full story

A Home Within the City • Chien-Chi Chang • Magnum Photos

Explore the award-winning storytelling work of Magnum photographers here, or head to Magnum Pro to search and license photos from Magnum’s acclaimed image archive. CONTINUE TO NEW SITE. SEARCH PHOTO ARCHIVE IN MAGNUM PRO Full story

Once stifled by record executives, this is how Aretha Franklin found her voice again

Vocal juggernaut. Social activist. Artistic collaborator. Diva. As Aretha Franklin is laid to rest, the Queen of Soul will deservedly be remembered in an array of tributes reflecting the immense legacy of her life and music. Her voice is ingrained in the canon of American music, and she’s had a number of staggering accomplishments. But to me, one period of her career stands out as the most significant: the years after she left the world of ... Full story

Winona Ryder says she married Keanu Reeves on the set of Dracula

Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves might be Romania. While promoting their upcoming rom-com Destination Wedding, Ryder revealed to EW that their… Full story

Keanu Reeves Is Doing a New Thing: Publishing Books

IN THE MODERN pastime of thinking about Keanu Reeves, a few images endure: the monastic undercover F.B.I. agent in “ Point Break ,” the monastic prophesied savior of an oppressed future in “ The Matrix ,” the monastic emissary from an alien planet in “ The Day the Earth Stood Still .” Of these, “monastic art-book publisher” is perhaps less immediate, though, as of last year, it’s no less accurate. Since the summer, X Artists’ Books , a small ... Full story

A Gay Wedding Is a Wedding. Just a Wedding.

When Jove Meyer, a wedding and event planner in Brooklyn, is working with a same-sex couple, he sometimes finds himself cringing when he hears a guest use the term “gay wedding.”. “It’s not with bad intention, but people like to label things because it’s easier to discuss,” said Mr. Meyer, who runs Jove Meyer Events . “But the couple is not getting ‘gay’ married. They are getting married. They’re not having a ‘gay wedding.’ They’re having a ... Full story

Aretha Franklin Reigned as Queen, in Voice and in Image

Aretha Franklin performing at the Lincoln Memorial in 1993. There are so many refractory facets to consider in the life of the vocal genius Marianne Faithfull once characterized as “the voice of God” that talking about Aretha Franklin’s fashion sense feels a bit like speaking of Benjamin Franklin’s knack for flying a kite. Yet a performer who left an indelible emotional imprint on generations of fans cannot be ignored as a maestro of image, a ... Full story

Obituary: Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin possessed one of the most distinctive and influential voices in the history of popular music. In a 50-year recording career she racked up 20 Top 10 albums, a dozen million-selling singles and earned no fewer than 18 Grammy awards. An artist of immense versatility, her powerful voice, trained in the gospel tradition, moved on to embrace jazz, soul and rhythm and blues. The influential Rolling Stone magazine rated her as the ... Full story

Reports: Aretha Franklin, ‘Queen of Soul’ who transformed American music, dies at 76

CLOSE. Singer Aretha Franklin, the iconic “Queen of Soul” who voiced classics such as “Respect,” “Think” and “Chain of Fools,” has died at age 76. (Aug. 16). CONNECT LINKEDIN EMAIL MORE. Aretha Franklin, whose impassioned, riveting voice made her a titan of American music, died Thursday, the Associated Press reports. She was 76. Franklin was one of the transcendent cultural figures of the 20th Century. Raised on an eclectic musical diet of ... Full story