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Every producer is familiar with the process of clicking through presets & effects as they look for a good starting point for the sound they're going after. Given how common this practice is, you've probably done it yourself & found that switching between sounds while a loop is playing can be quite interesting. I had one such experience the other day as I was browsing presets on an effect I had my drums running through. The changing sound worked perfectly for my track, so I worked out a system for "playing" these preset sounds precisely and rhythmically using Live's device racks & a MIDI keyboard. In this guide I'll detail how to set up your own version of this system & detail a few Ableton Live tricks along the way. setting up the rack The first thing you need to do is to rack your device. In this case, I'll be using FabFilter's excellent Volcano plugin, but you can use any vst, native device, or a combination of effects to play with this technique. Of course, creating a rack is as ... Tout l'article

3 octobre


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