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The National Transport Authority (NTA) says it wants to move towards a flat fare for commuters using bus, Luas, Dart and commuter services. For Irish rail passengers, this means a reduction of around 6% in the monthly and annual Short Hop Zone fare for DART and Commuter services. Leap fares for single journeys within the Short Hop Zone will also change. "In Dublin, people using their Leap Card who do a mid-distance journey pay €2.15. That fare is going to increase to €2.25," said NTA director of public transport services, Tim Gaston. "However, people that do longer journeys are currently paying €2.60, that fare is going to drop to €2.50. "We're moving between having a fare somewhere between €2.25 and €2.50/€2.60." Tout l'article

18 octobre


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