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WHAT HELL ON EARTH HATH ZUCKERBERG WROUGHT? Photo: 10,000 Hours/Getty Images. 7. THE SELF-IMPROVER. An annual Tough Mudder participant. Is in the middle of a juice cleanse. Is reading The 4-Hour Workweek . Just invited you to a Zoom meditation session. Meanwhile, your fist is lodged halfway down a tube of Pringles. 6. THE BARGAINER. This person has a dining room set from Wayfair, four very used ceiling fans, 20 vintage Transformers toys that may or may not still transform, and a truck bed full of ceramic tiles they’re willing to trade or sell. All they ask is that you share their Marketplace listings with all your friends and be on the lookout for Hummel figurines. 5. THE OVERSHARER. At least... Tout l'article

21 janvier


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