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ZE:A 's Kwanghee reveals why he's afraid of Kang Ho Dong on the January 12th installment of ' Knowing Brothers '. Kwanghee expressed, "I'm scared of even Kang Ho Dong sitting there. I keep ending up calling Kang Ho Dong, 'Hyung.' When the camera turns off, Kang Ho Dong looks at me like he wants to kill me. Please don't ever turn off the cameras.". He continued, "I was on ' Star King ' for a long time, and I ended up going to ' Infinity Challenge '. After appearing on 'Infinity Challenge', I didn't call Ho Dong. I didn't even see him after my discharge." Kwanghee said, "I have a phone number, but I don't know how I should call. It made me wonder what I should say.". Kang Ho Dong expressed, "... Tout l'article

12 janvier