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“I’m almost certain Trump has no idea what TikTok is. I’m betting TikTok was one of the answers he wrote on his cognitive test.” — SETH MEYERS. “Apparently this is a real national security threat, the Chinese government knowing which Americans can and can’t dance.” — JIMMY FALLON. “I am sure it has everything to do with national security and nothing to do with the TikTok teens who sabotaged his Tulsa rally. ” — JIMMY FALLON. “Trump gave Microsoft 45 days to make a deal, although they’ll spend the first 44 days clicking ‘remind me tomorrow.’ ” — JIMMY FALLON. “It’s a big day for the three TikTok fans that also love Excel spreadsheets.” — JIMMY FALLON. “Trump doesn’t know anything about TikT... Tout l'article

4 août