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SuperM's 'The 1st Mini Album' Debuts at No. 1 on Billboard 200 Albums Chart

SuperM perform onstage during SuperM Live From Capitol Records in Hollywood at Capitol Records Tower on Oct. 5, 2019 in Los Angeles. K-pop supergroup SuperM debuts at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart, as the act’s first effort, SuperM: The 1st Mini Album , enters atop the tally. The set, which was released via SM/Capitol Records on Oct. 4, launches with 168,000 equivalent album units earned in the U.S. in the week ending Oct. 10, ... Full story

SuperM tops Billboard 200 with their first mini-album

SuperM has topped Billboard 200 . The boys' first mini-album earned 168,000 units, going past Summer Walker for the ... Full story

Fans can't get over how perfectly a 'Happy Feet' penguin fits with Mark's rap from 'Jopping'

A superposition of Mark 's rap over a ' Happy Feet ' penguin has gone viral. A fan put Mark's " Jopping " rap on top of a scene from 'Happy Feet', and the result was incredibly perfect: a cute penguin dishing out Mark's rhymes. The tweet was so perfect that the video has been watched almost 446,000 times, retweeted almost 28,000 times, and liked over 40,000 times. Full story

VICTON lands their first group endorsement

VICTON has landed their first group endorsement. DOUBLE.S Holdings revealed, " We've signed a contract for JUSTBITE with the 6 VICTON members. Their image matches well with the brand's bright, fresh image, so we chose them as our models. We considered a lot of things as we considered our new models. VICTON's human warmth and their diligence at everything were very touching. There was no reason for us not to contract with VICTON as they rose to ... Full story

WINNER drops tracklist for 'Cross'

WINNER has dropped their tracklist. The boys' 3rd mini-album, titled ' CROSS ', will contain 6 songs: title song " Soso ", " OMG ", " Dress Up ", Lee Seung Hoon 's solo " Flamenco ", Kang Seung Yoon 's solo " Wind ", and " Don't Be Shy ". All the songs are worked on by Song Min Ho , Kang Seung Yoon, or Lee Seung Hoon. Check out the tracklist below and get ready for October 23rd at 6PM KST. Full story

Jung Hae In to head to New York on the 15th for new variety show

Jung Hae In will be heading to New York . KBS 2TV revealed, " We will be launching 'Jung Hae In's Walking Report'. He'll be going to New York on the 15th. " On the program, he'll be traveling with his friends by walking through New York. The show is a variety show version of KBS 1TV 's ' Walking To the World '. It'll be different from a regular travel variety show and will work more like a documentary. The friends he'll be traveling with are ... Full story

TWICE and Kakao Friends to launch collaboration goods

TWICE and Kakao Friends will be launching their collaboration goods. The TWICE x Kakao Friends collaboration is the first time that TWICE has had. The collaboration will include 23 different goods with the concept 'Always Together'. The girls have already released 9 pin badges with the brand, and now they'll be releasing a total of 23 different goods. The 'beauty' goods will be by Jihyo , Jungyeon , and Mina , the 'living' goods will be by ... Full story

Key allegations from the Ukraine whistleblower are true, despite what Trump says

President Donald Trump is pushing back against a damning whistleblower complaint about his dealings with Ukraine by falsely claiming the complaint has been debunked. According to a CNN analysis, however, the overwhelming majority of allegations in the complaint have been corroborated by official government documents, Trump’s public statements, and news reporting. The nine-page complaint is now at the center of the Democratic-led impeachment ... Full story

Japan sends in thousands of troops after massive typhoon hammers Tokyo

TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan sent tens of thousands of troops and rescue workers on Sunday to save stranded residents and fight floods caused by one of the worst typhoons to hit the country in recent history, which killed 18 people and briefly paralyzed Tokyo. Local residents are rescued by Japapnese Defence-Force soldiers from a flooded area caused by Typhoon Hagibis in Kakuda, Miyagi prefecture, Japan, October 13, 2019, in this photo taken by ... Full story

Charlie's Angels Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Go to Charlie's Angels Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Full story