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Trump to attend commissioning of USS Gerald R. Ford, newest aircraft carrier

President Trump will travel to Virginia on Saturday to preside over the commissioning of the nation’s newest aircraft. “This morning I will be going to the Commissioning Ceremony for the largest aircraft in the world, The Gerald R. Ford. Norfolk, Va.,” Trump tweeted at 7 a.m. ET Saturday. The USS Ford is named after the country's 38th president, who rose to the rank of lieutenant commander in the Navy during World War II. The warship joins the ... Full story

New Homeless Shelters Are Coming to New York City: Which Neighborhoods Are Likely to Get Them?

With the number of homeless people in New York City reaching an all-time high , Mayor Bill de Blasio unveiled a five-year plan in February to reduce homelessness and provide better services by opening 90 new shelters and expanding 30 existing ones. As the de Blasio administration rolls out the plan, where the city decides to put the additional shelters has grown contentious. The city’s primary shelter system is a patchwork of dormitories, ... Full story

Actor John Heard, Who Played Dad in 'Home Alone' Films, Dies at 72

Mark Mainz / Getty Images. He also appeared in "Cat People," "After Hours," "Big," "Beaches," "Gladiator," and on TV in "Miami Vice" and "The Sopranos," for which he won an Emmy nomination. Born in Washington, D.C., Heard started out acting off-Broadway. His first major role came in the romantic comedy "Chilly Scenes of Winter" in 1979. His memorable roles in the 1980s included starring in "Cutter's Way," playing Nastassja Kinski's lover in the ... Full story

U.S. abortion support groups put on more public face

A protester (L) and an escort who ensures women can reach the clinic stand outside the EMW WomenÕs Surgical Center in Louisville, Kentucky, U.S. January 27, 2017. LOUISVILLE, Kentucky (Reuters) - Patricia Canon drives poor rural Kentucky women to distant abortion clinics each week, part of a national army of volunteers who are growing bolder even as abortion foes ratchet up opposition to the activists they have branded as "accomplices to ... Full story

The curious case of China’s ‘ban’ on Winnie the Pooh

It's not every day that Winnie the Pooh makes global headlines, but recently, amid a rush of serious news , the bear became the talk of the town. Last weekend, the Web went wild over reports that A.A. Milne's “bear of very little brain” had been blocked in China because of his resemblance to Chinese President Xi Jinping, as shown in a 2013 meme that likened Xi to a pudgy Pooh and President Barack Obama to a lanky Tigger. In a front-page story ... Full story

Princess Charlotte Has a Meltdown at the German Airport and It's Absolutely Adorable

The royal family has been enjoying a five-day tour of Poland and Germany , and while Prince William and Kate Middleton seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves, their kids took turns having a fit. First, Prince George threw a tantrum on the tarmac upon arrival in Warsaw, Poland, on Monday, looking adorably pouty on the runway. Next, it was Princess Charlotte ’s turn to lose her cool. The 2-year-old royal was not happy about leaving Hamburg, ... Full story

Justin Bieber's Banned from China for Bad Behavior

Justin Bieber found out it IS too late to say he's sorry -- China just banned his ass for bad behavior. Beijing's Culture Bureau responded Friday to a fan's request asking why the Biebs' Purpose tour has scheduled dates in Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore and Hong Kong but NOT China. According to the bureau, Justin pissed off the People's Republic and they said, "Justin Bieber is a gifted singer, but he is also a controversial young ... Full story

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher’s Adorable Kids Attend a Diving Competition

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are excellent at keeping their private life, well, private. Since welcoming daughter Wyatt Isabelle in October 2014 and son Dimitri Portwood in November of last year, they’ve told many a hilarious story about their home life, but we've rarely gotten a glimpse of the adorable kiddos out in public. The young (and sports-obsessed) family is currently in Budapest, Hungary, where they brought their kids into the stands ... Full story

6 Instagram Accounts to Follow If You Want to Get Organized

These Instagram accounts have the best aesthetic to inspire you to organize your own home. Full story