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Devoted football fans experience 'dangerous' levels of stress

Image caption Brazil fans were emotional following their country's defeat to Germany in 2014. Devoted football fans experience such intense levels of physical stress while watching their team they could be putting themselves at risk of a heart attack, research suggests. The Oxford study tested saliva from Brazilian fans during their historic loss to Germany at the 2014 World Cup. It found levels of the hormone cortisol rocketed during the 7-1 ... Full story

Tesco to ditch plastic-wrap for multipack tins

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media caption Tesco chief executive on getting rid of multi-wrap plastic use. Tesco is removing plastic wrapping from its multipack tins in an effort to cut down on waste. The supermarket giant says it will remove 350 million tonnes of plastic a year from the environment. Britain's biggest supermarket is working with the likes of Heinz and Green Giant to replace plastic-wrapped multipacks with ... Full story

Do you know Jones's Python characters? - BBC News

It's the weekly news quiz - have you been paying attention to what's been going on in the world during the past seven days? If you cannot see the quiz, follow this link . Try last week's quiz via this link . Picture credits: Getty Images, AFP, Royal Mint, Reuters. Why you can trust BBC News Full story

Kang Sora And Ahn Jae Hong’s New Film “Secret Zoo” Surpasses 1 Million Moviegoers

The new film “Secret Zoo” is a hit at the box office! On January 24, the Korean Film Council announced that “Secret Zoo” had officially surpassed 1 million moviegoers. As of 7:30 a.m. KST, the comedy film—which was released on January 15—had reached a total of 1,008,669 moviegoers, meaning that it took just 10 days to reach the milestone. “Secret Zoo” has enjoyed a strong run thus far: after topping the box office on the day of its release, it ... Full story

HS2 risks not priced in at the start, say auditors

Image caption A proposed design for an HS2 train. No-one took full account of how complex and risky the HS2 high-speed rail project was likely to be, says the government spending watchdog. The Department for Transport (DfT) and HS2 Ltd did not allow for all uncertainties when estimating initial costs, said the National Audit Office. In 2015, HS2 was due to cost £56bn. Earlier this week, however, a leaked government-commissioned review suggested ... Full story

8,500 Tweets And Counting—Saudi Trolls Demand Amazon Boycott After Bezos Hack

Jeff Bezos, CEO and president of Amazon, with Emmy Award-nominated American news anchor Lauren ... [+] Sanchez at an Amazon event at the Grand Hyatt in Mumbai, India, on January 16, 2020. Prodip Guha/Hindustan Times via Getty Images. An army of pro-Saudi Twitter trolls has gone into overdrive, issuing calls to boycott Amazon in the wake of allegations that a WhatsApp message from the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman led to Jeff Bezos' ... Full story

What does Trump actually believe on climate change?

US President Donald Trump's position on climate change has been in the spotlight again, after he criticised "prophets of doom" at the World Economic Forum in Davos. At the event, which had sustainability as its main theme, and activist Greta Thunberg as its star guest, Mr Trump dismissed "alarmists" who wanted to "control every aspect of our lives" - while also expressing the US's support for an initiative to plant one trillion trees. If you ... Full story

“Woman Of 9.9 Billion” Ends On No. 1 Ratings

KBS 2TV’s “ Woman of 9.9 Billion ” has come to an end! On January 23, the action thriller drama starring Jo Yeo Jeong and Kim Kang Woo enjoyed a strong finish as it aired its final episode. According to Nielsen Korea, the series finale scored average nationwide ratings of 6.8 percent and 8.5 percent for its two parts, making “Woman of 9.9 Billion” the most-watched drama of the night. Meanwhile, the second episode of MBC’s new drama “ The Game: ... Full story

Sonos boss says speakers will work "as long as possible"

The boss of Sonos apologised on Thursday for a decision to prevent older speakers from receiving software updates. In a statement, the company's chief executive Patrick Spence said the company would deliver updates to all products "for as long as possible". But the company did not retract its earlier decision. The plan has sparked outrage with customers since it was announced earlier this week. Some Sonos customers who spent thousands of pounds ... Full story

What can you use instead of Google and Facebook?

Image caption Edward Armstrong is trying to live without Google and Facebook. "We agree to give these companies ownership of our lives and they are cashing in," says Edward Armstrong, a freelance copywriter and consultant originally from Newcastle, UK, but now based in London. He has abandoned using the services of internet giants like Google and Facebook and is using smaller rivals, which promise greater privacy. "I'm uncomfortable with the ... Full story