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The year’s best apps, 2020’s biggest downloads, the App Store’s newest hire – TechCrunch

Welcome back to This Week in Apps, the TechCrunch series that recaps the latest in mobile OS news, mobile applications and the overall app economy. The app industry is as hot as ever, with 204 billion downloads and $120 billion in consumer spending in 2019. People now spend three hours and 40 minutes per day using apps, rivaling TV. Apps aren’t just a way to pass idle hours — they’re also a big business. In 2019, mobile-first companies had a ... Full story

Why Sapphire’s Jai Das thinks the Salesforce-Slack deal could succeed – TechCrunch

Who says that chats about enterprise software have to be boring? They don’t, we learned during our conversation earlier this week with Sapphire’s Jai Das , a pleasant time that touched on a host of topics including startup sectors, his investing group’s capital base and, of course, the Slack-Salesforce deal . Our conversation took place about an hour before the deal was formally announced, but the tea leaves had been read by the market far in ... Full story

Sir Keir Starmer self isolates after staff member tests positive for virus

Sir Keir Starmer self isolates after staff member tests positive for virus - BBC News - - - - - sign-incaret-downsearchnolistlistdurationsharenolinkdurationdurationdurationplayplayplaymobile-smartmicrophonenewsletteremail Full story

How to Bend Time to Your Wishes in the Pandemic

ARE YOUR DAYS DRAGGING ON OR FLYING BY? -. Perception Of Time Relative To Age. -. Routines, Stress, And Nothing To Look Forward To. -. Befriending The Sameness. Image: Yulia Reznikov/Getty Images. In his famous thought experiment, a 16-year-old Albert Einstein imagined what it would be like to travel as fast as a beam of light. If he rode alongside, traveling at light speed, he wrote , “I should observe such a beam of light as an ... Full story

How 2020 Has Made Us More Adaptable

Photo: Klaus Vedfelt/DigitalVision/Getty Images. On a recent Sunday afternoon, while typing emails on an unheated outdoor patio as the temperature descended from “nippy” to “fucking cold,” it occurred to me that there’s no bouncing back from a year like this. The pandemic will end, but our pre-2020 selves are gone forever. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. You’d be forgiven for reading this and thinkin , “well yes, duh.” As soon as our ... Full story

Man taken to hospital after gang fight in Elgin street

Man taken to hospital after gang fight in Elgin street - BBC News - - - - - sign-incaret-downsearchnolistlistdurationsharenolinkdurationdurationdurationplayplaymobile-smartmicrophonenewsletteremail Full story

102-year-old woman beats COVID-19 twice

A 102-year-old woman living in New York has contracted the coronavirus — and beaten it — twice. Angelina Friedman , who survived the 1918 Spanish Flu and cancer, first tested positive for COVID-19 in March. During her first bout with the disease she had a relatively mild experience. "She was never really symptomatic the first time around," her daughter Joanne Merola told NBC . "The worst symptom she had was a fever that lasted maybe 10 days.". ... Full story

Catch Up on the 2nd Part of “What’s Happening With Ruggedman" Episode 1

Nigerian rapper, Ruggedman has premiered his video podcast, “ What’s Happening With Ruggedman “, and in this second part of the first episode, he brings on a guest, Lanre Adediwura to share his story on police brutality. A lot of under-aged boys are locked up in our maximum-security prisons. Some of their names have been changed & their ages falsified. “From roadside to Kirikiri” is the story of actor/filmmaker Lanre Adediwura, where he ... Full story

Masrah Masr Season 5

(5 Seasons ) social، play، drama، comedy. A collection of comedy theater presents a new type of separate plays in titles and events with each episode. Stars: Ashraf Abdel Baky، Ali Rabee، Mostafa Khater Full story

Dolapo Oni-Sijuwade is Sharing her Delivery Story in New Vlog

Dolapo Oni-Sijuwade recently had her second baby and in this new vlog, she is sharing everything about her delivery story. I talk about giving birth to my second child and my long recovery. In all things I thank God for life and my kids!! I’m happy and healthy. So I’ve basically been seeing doctors on and off for the last 4 months and I’m happy to say I am well and healthy. Thank you Jesus! My delivery story tells you about what happened in ... Full story