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Zayn's ‘Entertainer’: Listen To The New Song & Watch The Video Billboard

ZAYN ’s latest single, "Entertainer," is finally here. After teasing the video on Tuesday (May 22), the British crooner dropped the full-length track and its accompanying visual one day later. "Entertainer" finds Zayn singing sultrily about a lover whose games and lies he’s nearly had enough of, but he’s determined to win. "Don’t you play me like a fool. In this game, I own the rules," he sings. The video for "Entertainer" is equally seductive. ... Full story

Anti-terror police arrest man, 19

Man arrested in Hertfordshire on suspicion of preparing terrorist acts, police say. This breaking news story is being updated and more details will be published shortly. Please refresh the page for the fullest version. You can receive Breaking News on a smartphone or tablet via the BBC News App. You can also follow @BBCBreaking on Twitter to get the latest alerts. Why you can trust BBC News Full story

Ryan Tannehill 'cleared' to resume football activities

Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill realized something bad happened to his knee when he went down during training camp in early August 2017. Tannehill told reporters Wednesday he felt his knee shift, and immediately knew the injury could lead to lost playing time. "I knew it wasn't good," Tannehill said. "Honestly, I wasn't really processing all of that. I just knew it was bad and I don't know, kind of went to a shock a little bit of, 'I ... Full story

Feedback: Uranus smells like farts, say astronomers

ASTRONOMERS have confirmed that Uranus smells like farts. The seventh planet’s odour – or, more precisely, the chemical composition of its atmosphere – has long been the subject of debate among space scientists. Using the 8-metre Gemini North telescope on Hawaii’s Mauna Kea peak, Patrick Irwin at the University of Oxford and his colleagues analysed infrared light reflected by the planet. They found that the upper atmosphere’s swirling clouds ... Full story

Georgia jury awards $1 billion after guard rapes teen

GEORGIA JURY AWARDS $1 BILLION AFTER GUARD RAPES TEEN GEORGIA JURY AWARDS $1 BILLION AFTER GUARD RAPES TEEN By Kate Brumback. ATLANTA (AP) — A Georgia jury has awarded an eye-popping $1 billion verdict against a security company after an apartment complex guard was convicted of raping a 14-year-old girl. Hope Cheston was outside by some picnic tables with her boyfriend during a party in October 2012 when an armed security guard approached, ... Full story

N.F.L. Teams Will be Fined if Players Kneel During National Anthem

N.F.L. players will be allowed to stay in the locker room during the national anthem, but their teams will be fined by the league if they go onto the field and kneel, according to new rules adopted by owners on Wednesday in an effort to defuse an issue that escalated last season into a national debate catalyzed by President Trump. Players had previously been required to be on the field for the anthem. Commissioner Roger Goodell said that owners ... Full story

Trump again smears a large immigrant community with the violent actions of a few people

President Trump speaks during a roundtable on immigration policy at Morrelly Homeland Security Center, Wednesday, in Bethpage, N.Y. (Evan Vucci/AP). For the second time in his presidency, President Trump traveled to Long Island to talk about immigrants and crime. While the event in Bethpage, N.Y. was described as a “roundtable on immigration,” the chosen location, Trump’s opening comments and the assembled guests made clear that the focus was ... Full story

Remus 6000 finds shipwreck of San José off coast of Colombia

May 23 at 5:27 PM Email the author. This November 2015 photo released Monday by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution shows ceramic jars and other items from the 300-year-old shipwreck of the Spanish galleon San José on the floor of the Caribbean Sea. (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution/AP). Spanish treasure fleets that traversed the Atlantic Ocean to the Americas and back were a 16th-century invention as important as free two-day ... Full story

Victoria's Secret customers are buying bras online ... and that's a problem

The intimate apparel chain's parent company, ( LB ) , reported on Wednesday that Victoria's Secret sales ticked up just 1% in the the first quarter of the year. Excluding online transactions, sales fell by 5%. The brand, which stopped printing its catalog in 2016 , has been trying to convince customers to go digital . Though the sales numbers show that it's working, it's spending a lot of money to get customers to make the transition. L Brands ... Full story

The women travelling #HomeToVote - BBC News

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media caption Irish women on why they're travelling ... Full story