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Zamboni driver wins first NHL game after being tapped as emergency goalie

Feb. 23, 2020, 4:21 PM UTC. A 42-year-old Zamboni driver for the Toronto Maple Leafs won his first NHL game Saturday after being tapped to play as an emergency goalie for the opposing team. Dave Ayres stepped in for the Carolina Hurricanes after both the team's goalies had to leave the game for injuries, prompting the Zamboni driver to play against his own home team. The 42-year-old helped the Hurricanes in their 6-3 win by blocking eight of ... Full story

Sensors are the next big thing in space, not starships – TechCrunch

Understanding the opportunities available in the space industry — especially for early-stage companies and new founders — isn’t easy. The pool of people who have deep aerospace technical expertise isn’t huge, and like any community that requires a high degree of specialist knowledge, it’s a tightly-knit field that relies on social connections. But space is increasingly opening up, and we’ve already reached a point where the most valuable new ... Full story

What to do if you're being stalked

Kris Mohandie, a stalking expert and police psychologist, says a common reaction to stalking behaviors can be for the victim to ignore the stalker's menacing behavior and hope they go away. Unfortunately, he says, this doesn't work with stalkers who are already violating the boundaries of normal behavior and making their targets feel unsafe. IGNORING A STALKER CAN BE DANGEROUS. While Mohandie cautions that you should NOT engage with your ... Full story

Diane Abbott to resign from shadow cabinet

Diane Abbott has said she will quit the front bench of Labour when a new leader is elected. Ms Abbott, the shadow home secretary, told Sky News that whoever becomes leader, "they have to be able to construct their own shadow cabinet". Earlier Jeremy Corbyn had said he would consider a senior post under the new leader. Ms Abbott said she would be backing Rebecca Long-Bailey as her choice for Labour's replacement leader. Three candidates are in ... Full story

BBC Briefing on housing: How do I use it?

The UK is in the middle of what many describe as a housing crisis. Demand for homes has increased, fuelled in part by a rising population, but construction work has failed to keep up with the pace of that demand. This BBC Briefing estimates that the size of the housing supply gap - the difference between the available stock and the number of homes needed for everyone to have a decent place to live - may be in excess of one million homes. What ... Full story

Most voters expect Trump will be reelected - CBS News

Sanders wins Nevada's Democratic caucuses. Whether or not they're voting for him, 65% of registered voters nationwide think President Trump will definitely or probably be reelected, including more than a third of Democrats who think so. Republicans are especially optimistic: more than nine in 10 expect him to win. Still, potential head to head matchups with all the major Democratic candidates against Mr. Trump show a tight race no matter who ... Full story

1 man shot, another killed at suspected illegal cockfighting event

Two men have been shot, one of them fatally, at an alleged illegal cockfighting event. The incident occurred early in the morning on Feb. 22 at approximately 12:30 a.m. when police responded to a reported shooting in a residential area in Pacoima, a neighborhood in northern Los Angeles, California, according to ABC News' Los Angeles station KABC . When police arrived to the scene they found a man in his 20s, who currently remains unidentified, ... Full story

Housing shortage: Scale of UK's housing gap revealed News

Image caption Zoe McKendree: "You can't really present yourself best for an interview if you're sleeping on a friend's sofa". Hoping to buy a home? You'll have to get across the UK's huge housing gap. This gap - the difference between the current housing stock and the number needed for everyone to have a decent home to live in - is more than one million homes, according to the BBC Housing Briefing. A lot of the pressure from the gap falls on ... Full story

Togo opposition alleges 'fake' polling stations

Image caption Togolese people voted on Saturday for their new president. A Togo opposition leader has accused authorities of setting up fake polling stations in Saturday's presidential election to skew the result in favour of the incumbent. Agbéyomé Kodjo made the accusation against President Faure Gnassingbé who has been in power since 2005 when he took over from his father. The president's office is quoted by AFP news agency as denying the ... Full story

Bob Moore, founder of Bob's Red Mill, on his recipe for success

If you've strolled down the aisle of a grocery store recently, you've probably seen him staring down from a bag of flour with his white beard, trademark hat, and slightly quizzical look. It's the face of Bob Moore, founder of Bob's Red Mill. Correspondent Luke Burbank asked, "What do people say when they come up to you?". "'There really is a Bob?'" Moore replied. "And the other thing is, 'You're not dead, you know?'" he laughed. Not only is he ... Full story