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Robert Mueller's report is coming - CNNPolitics

Attorney General William Barr asserted in his statement that Robert Mueller found "no evidence that any Americans" helped the Russian government or the Internet Research Agency in their schemes to influence the 2016 election. But one American was charged with aiding the Internet Research Agency— though he did so without knowing the full extent of the alleged conspiracy — and is serving six months in prison for the crime of identity fraud. That ... Full story

Notre-Dame fire: Temporary wooden cathedral proposed News

Image caption Notre-Dame was already undergoing renovation work when the fire broke out. A temporary wooden cathedral should be built in the shadow of Notre-Dame's famed towers while the building is being repaired, officials have said. The structure would serve as a home for worshippers and tourists alike, the rector of the Paris landmark, Monsignor Patrick Chauvet, suggested. The 850-year-old Gothic cathedral has been closed after a fire tore ... Full story

What are your Favorite Kpop songs in 2019 so far?

Today I wanted to have a discussion about what your favorite 2019 songs are so far! I will give my favorite top 10 2019 Kpop songs in a list below, after that I want you guys to give me your opinions on the 10 songs I have listed, once you read through them I want you guys to give me your favorite 10 songs down in the comments. - 1. Kill This Love - BlackPink. -. - 2. Getting Closer - Seventeen. -. - 3. Boy With Luv - BTS. -. - 4. DALLA DALLA - ... Full story

Measles outbreak: Washington state Senate passes bill to eliminate exemption for MMR vaccine

Opponents protest a Washington bill that would prevent parents from getting philosophical exemptions from state requirements to immunize their children with the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine. (Ted S. Warren/AP). The Washington state Senate narrowly passed a measure Wednesday night that would make it harder for parents to opt out of vaccinating their children against the measles in response to one of the state’s worst measles outbreaks in ... Full story

Industry experts pick the top K-pop groups, companies, producers, and rookies

From March 25-31, media outlet Sports Seoul surveyed 100 experts in the K-pop industry for a 'Hallyu Evaluation.'. Check out which groups, producers, rookies, and companies are named to be the best of the K-pop world! *Each expert made 3 votes for each category*. Top 3 'K-pop Players' Representing Hallyu. 1. BTS (90 votes). 2. EXO (58). 3. TWICE (51). 4. Blackpink (19). 5. Big Bang (9). 6. TVXQ - Wanna One (5). 7. Seventeen - Psy (4). Top 3 ... Full story

USDA launches pilot program allowing SNAP recipients to shop for groceries online

The USDA this morning announced the launch of a pilot program that will open up online grocery shopping to those on public assistance. During a two-year pilot program, those receiving SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits — often referred to as “food stamps” — will be able to shop for groceries from online retailers, including Walmart, Amazon, and soon, ShopRite and others. The pilot is live in New York state at launch, with ... Full story

Yoochun's lawyer claims MBC reported false information on CCTV and needle marks

Yoochun 's lawyer, Kwon Chang Bum , spoke up against the reports by MBC 's ' Newsdesk .'. On April 18, MBC reported Yoochun used the "throwing method" to pick up drugs for Hwang Hana , and the police also found needle marks on his hands. Lawyer Kwon strongly refuted the report and claimed MBC broadcasted false information. Kwon stated, "The reason why 'Newsdesk' report is problematic is that first, it stated he's been captured carrying what ... Full story

Police officer reported to have filed Jonghun as unemployed for past DUI

The reason why former F.T. Island member Jonghun 's past DUI did not make headlines has come to light. On April 18, Channel A 's ' News A ' reported Jonghun had been filed as unemployed in February of 2016 when he was arrested for driving under the influence. Though the police have already dropped the charges for bribing police for a media cover-up, reports allege former ' Yuri Holdings ' CEO Yoo In Suk had referred to Jonghun as an "F.T. ... Full story

A Bulgarian vulture's odyssey into Yemeni war zone

Image caption Nelson was captured by a militia loyal to the internationally recognised Yemeni government. Nelson was in a tight corner, tied up and imprisoned by men who believed he was a spy. It didn't look good. When he was captured they had found a satellite tracker attached to his leg, more sophisticated than much of the equipment they had in Taiz, a town on the front line of Yemen's catastrophic war. Nelson, they decided, was transmitting ... Full story

Trump Russia investigation: Attorney General Barr backs Trump

Image caption William Barr has been criticised for holding a news conference before the report's release. The US Attorney General has defended President Trump over allegations of obstruction of justice, while reiterating that "no collusion" was found between his team and Russia. William Barr held a news conference on Thursday ahead of the release of a long-awaited report into the matter. He revealed that the special counsel had examined 10 ... Full story