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MSF estimates more than 6,700 Rohingya killed in Myanmar

Image caption MSF says the experiences recounted by refugees were "horrific". Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) has said it believes at least 6,700 Rohingya were killed in the month after violence broke out in Myanmar in August. Based on surveys of refugees in Bangladesh, the number is much higher than Myanmar's official figure of 400. MSF said it was "the clearest indication yet of the widespread violence" by Myanmar authorities. The Myanmar ... Full story

Nigel Lawson blasts Theresa May for 'losing her nerve' in Brexit talks and giving in to the EU

FORMER Tory Chancellor and key Brexit advocate Nigel Lawson last night accused Theresa May of getting down “on her knees” and begging EU officials for a deal after “losing her nerve” in Brexit talks. Lord Lawson – the first senior politician to come out for Leave back in 2013 – last night blasted her negotiating tactics in a speech to Tory diehards. Nigel Lawson claims the Prime Minister was bested by EU leaders. He slammed the PM for allowing ... Full story

Video of Shark Being Dragged by Boat Leads to Arrest of Three

From left: Spencer B. Heintz, Robert L. Benac III and Michael R. Wenzel. They have each been charged with aggravated animal cruelty. A 10-second video showing a blacktip shark being dragged behind a speedboat has led to the arrest of three men on charges of aggravated animal cruelty, Florida prosecutors said this week. The suspects, Michael R. Wenzel, 21; Spencer B. Heintz, 23; and Robert L. Benac III, 28, were the subjects of a four-month ... Full story

First-Ever Video May Show Pig-Like Animals Mourning Their Dead

'Skunk Pigs' May Mourn Their Dead, Footage Shows WATCH: Peccaries, pig-like animals that live in herds, exhibit what could be mourning behavior toward the carcass of another peccary. On January 8, 2017, an eight-year-old boy named Dante de Kort spotted a dead collared peccary near his home in central Arizona . For his school science fair project, he set up a motion-activated camera—a birthday present from his grandparents—next to the corpse. ... Full story

Kentucky politician takes his own life after sex assault allegation

Image caption Johnson posted what appeared to be a suicide note on Facebook shortly before his death. Dan Johnson, a Republican politician in Kentucky who was accused of sexually assaulting a teenage girl, has died in an apparent suicide. Mr Johnson, 57, denied the allegation. He died of a single gunshot wound after stopping his car in a secluded part of Mount Washington, the coroner said. Mr Johnson was elected to the Kentucky state ... Full story

‘Stranger Things’ Actor Finn Wolfhard to Star in Haunted House Film ‘The Turning’ (EXCLUSIVE)

December 13, 2017 10:25AM PT. Finn Wolfhard , best known for his star-making turn as Mike on “Stranger Things,” is set to star opposite Mackenzie Davis in Amblin’s haunted house film “ The Turning .”. Floria Sigismondi is on board to direct with Scott Bernstein and Roy Lee producing. In this adaptation of Henry James’s novella “The Turn of the Screw,” a young woman hired as the nanny to two orphans is convinced that the country mansion they ... Full story

The Great Red Spot Descends Deep Into Jupiter

But no one knew what was happening below the clouds. Scientists wondered whether the storm was shallow and confined to that slice of the atmosphere or if it descended hundreds or thousands of miles into the planet. An instrument on Juno measures microwave emissions, which pass through the clouds into space. Warmer regions generate more microwaves, and the region below the Great Red Spot was warmer, even 200 miles down, the deepest that the ... Full story

121 Members Of Congress Call For End Of Restrictions On Gun Violence Research

More than 120 lawmakers are urging congressional leadership to remove controversial language from the House spending bill that has prohibited the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from studying gun violence for more than two decades. A coalition led by Rep. Mike Quigley (D-Ill.) sent the letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Wednesday, urging them to reject the status quo and ... Full story

Watchdog reveals how ex-Mueller agents' anti-Trump texts came to light

Republican Lawmakers Seize On Fbi Texts As Evidence Of Bias. GOP members of the House Judiciary Committee press Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein over political bias exhibited in texts between FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page; chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge reports from Capitol Hill. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Special Counsel Robert Mueller were told in July that two FBI officials working on ... Full story

Trump’s Approval Rating Hits Record Low in Yet Another Poll, as His Popularity Plummets Among Independent Women

Polling Polls Immigration Donald Trump. (Not) so much winning at the White House. President Donald Trump’s job-approval rating has hit its lowest point in the Monmouth University poll since he took office in January, the independent research group said Wednesday. More than half of those Monmouth polled, 56 percent, disapprove of the job Trump is doing—and he’s lost substantial ground among women and independents. Keep up with this story and ... Full story