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Fake news: Trump golf resorts display fake Time magazine cover

Image caption President Donald Trump's golf clubs have been asked to remove a fake Time magazine cover with his face on it. US President Donald Trump is one of the most famous men in the world right now. But there's one place his much-photographed face hasn't been: the cover of Time magazine's 1 March 2009 edition. Why do people care? Because a copy emblazoned with Mr Trump's image has reportedly been hanging in five of his golf clubs. And ... Full story

Rihanna, BTS & Chance the Rapper Among Time's Most Influential People on the Internet

Internet Kings & Queens. Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen also made the list. TIME Magazine unveiled their third annual list of the 25 Most Influential People on the Internet on June 26, which features people from all walks of the industry: movies, television, music, fashion and just pop culture in general. A few notable selections on the list include Rihanna , BTS , Chance the Rapper and Katy Perry . Rihanna is highlighted for her ... Full story

Why Amazon is eating the world

I co-founded a software startup in December. Each month, I send out an update to our investors to keep them updated on our progress. But the past month was a bit different — our industry (retail) is going through a transformation. Instead of just writing about our “internal” news, I wrote about the impending apocalypse in the broader world of retail. More specifically, I included some thoughts on Amazon and why their commanding lead is only ... Full story

Hillsborough disaster: six people, including two senior police officers, charged

Police, stewards and supporters tend and care for wounded supporters on the pitch at Hillsborough Photograph: AP. Six people including two former senior police officers have been charged with criminal offences relating to the deaths of 96 people at the 1989 FA Cup semi final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest at Sheffield Wednesday’s Hillsborough football ground and the alleged police cover-up which followed. David Duckenfield, the South ... Full story

Activists protest for legal migration policies ahead of G20

ACTIVISTS PROTEST FOR LEGAL MIGRATION POLICIES AHEAD OF G20. BERLIN (AP) — More than 30 activists have protested against the upcoming Group of 20 summit in the northern German city of Hamburg by hanging a large banner from a bridge across the Elbe river that reads "Build bridges, not walls.". The activist group Sea Watch said in a statement they put up the banner early Wednesday to protest against the migration policies of the wealthy Western ... Full story

Stephen Colbert Takes CNN to Task for Retracted Article

Stephen Colbert said a recent CNN article was the network’s “worst mistake since their short-lived spinoff, ‘Wolf Blitzer’s Rockin’ Situation Garage.’”. Welcome to Best of Late Night, a rundown that lets you sleep — and lets us get paid to watch comedy. What do you think of it? What else are you interested in? Let us know: . They Forgot The Countdown Clock. Stephen Colbert and President Trump finally have something in ... Full story

Irish reporter Caitríona Perry's 'bizarre moment' with Trump

US President Donald Trump was on the phone to the newly-elected Irish prime minister, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, when RTE's Washington Correspondent Caitríona Perry caught his eye. Full story

‘I bet she treats you well’: Trump calls over Irish reporter, compliments her ‘nice smile.’

While President Trump spoke over the phone with Ireland’s new prime minister Leo Varadkar Tuesday, congratulating him on his recent win, he made eye contact with a female reporter in the room. “We have a lot of your Irish press watching us right now,” President Trump told Varadkar, informing him that the whole conversation was taking place in a room full of journalists with cameras running. He pointed at Irish reporter Caitríona Perry, U.S. ... Full story

Artists bring Hong Kong's past to life in miniatures

- Tony Lai and Maggie Chan's miniatures faithfully document Hong Kong's fast disappearing heritage - Hours are spent on minute details to ensure realistic accuracy of the reproductions. Hong Kong (CNN) Tony Lai remembers visiting Hong Kong's Lamma Island as a child. Laundry hung from balconies, fishermen perched on the cliffside and dim lights illuminating rust-stained shacks. These images left a deep impression on the artist. So, years later, ... Full story

Congress readies North Korean travel ban

- The bill that would outlaw most US travel to North Korea for five years - It would ban tourism and US citizens would need a license from the treasury to visit. (CNN) Congress plans to take up new legislation as soon as next month to implement a ban on travel to North Korea by US citizens following Otto Warmbier's death after he was imprisoned by North Korea for 17 months. The House foreign affairs committee will mark up a bipartisan bill that ... Full story