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Davichi's Lee Hae Ri releases teasers and preview for her upcoming single 'Thing that only hurts me'

Davichi 's Lee Hae Ri is releasing her new solo album in a week! ' Thing That Only Hurts Me ' is set for release on September 23 at 6 PM KST. Check out another teaser image, a preview and music video still cuts for her new single below. Are you all excited about her new single in 2 years? Full story

Hong Jin Young might set up an independent label of her own

Singer and entertainer Hong Jin Young , who is currently going through what seems to be a long and lengthy dispute with her label Music K , is reportedly preparing to set up an independent label of her own. Hong had her corporation set up a couple of years ago to manage her online shopping mall. It was reported that she recently registered her company with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as a pop culture planning company. In order ... Full story

Super Junior's Yesung tweets about 'Somebody New' line distributions and subsequently deletes it

Super Junior 's Yesung tweeted about line distributions in the group's upcoming release ' Somebody New ' and deleted the tweet, soon after some fans raised concerns for stirring controversy. After the group's official Twitter account dropped a special video clip for the song, Yesung tweeted the video with the caption "I already hear about line distributions in the song but don't be surprised in the future. I'm very sad too. So let's get used to ... Full story

Akdong Musician reveals track list for 'Sailing'

Akdong Musician has released tracklist for their upcoming 3rd full album, ' Sailing '. The album includes 10 songs, all written and composed by member Chanhyuk . On the list, the songs are numbered with unique signs next to the title. The songs are titled ' Sailor's song ', ' A Fish in Water ', ' How can I love a goodbye, I just love you ', ' Moon ', ' Freedom ', ' Should have loved more ', ' Whale ', ' Endless nights ', ' Goodbye ', and ' ... Full story

BTS Jimin's Brand Power remains unbeatable

According to a brand reputation analysis by the Korea Reputation Center (KRC), BTS member Jimin was named the Top Korean Male Idol for the month of September. Jimin has been topping brand rankings for 9 consecutive months straight this year. The fact that he has stayed at the top for each month expresses his strong brand power. The Seoul-based entity collected 110 million pieces of data between August 12 and September 13 to evaluate the brand ... Full story

President Trump rallies in New Mexico - CNNPolitics

President Trump will be speaking to supporters tonight at a rally in New Mexico, and he could bring up some issues that are dominating the news cycle. Here are a few key subjects that could come up:. Saudi oil facilities attack : Coordinated strikes targeted key Saudi Arabian oil facilities early on Saturday morning, causing a dramatic escalation in tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Yemen's Houthi rebels claimed responsibility for the ... Full story

BLACKPINK’s Rosé Looks Beautiful on the covers of the October Issue of DAZED KOREA

On September 16th, DAZED KOREA released pictorials of BLACKPINK’s Rosé for their October 2019 Issue in collaboration with Yves Saint Laurent. The October Issue is currently available for pre-order, and will be out on shelves starting September 25th. This is Rosé’s first-ever solo magazine cover. Let’s wish her congratulations! Full story

2019 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards: Animals show their funny side

(CNN) — There are some joke tellers that only a few people find funny, but a true comedy genius will have the whole world laughing. The beasts featured in the 2019 edition of the annual Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards are clearly in the genius category. From lion cubs making wince-inducing pounces on the nether regions of bigger cats to birds ruffling the feathers of their partners for reasons we can only imagine, these images prove that ... Full story

Alec Benjamin confirms that he plans to collaborate with BTS's Jimin

American Singer-Songwriter Alec Benjamin shared on a recent interview that he has plans to collaborate with BTS's Jimin . Alec explained that he has a two-month-long break coming up, which he intends to utilize in preparing a new album and hopefully work with other artists. “I have some plans to collaborate with Khalid and also Jimin from BTS,” he revealed. Last month Alec found out that Jimin is a fan of his songs and personally invited Jimin ... Full story

Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus & Lana Del Rey "Don't Call Me Ang

Stream/download the new single "Don't Call Me Angel" (Charlie's Angels) Full story