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Kang Seung Yoon Celebrates His Birthday With WINNER + Receives Love From iKON Members

Kang Seung Yoon kicked off his 27th (Korean age) birthday celebrations with his group members! On January 21 at 12:15 a.m. KST, Kang Seung Yoon uploaded a tweet with adorable pictures of WINNER and his hilarious birthday cake. The Rolex watch cake is set to 1:21 to represent his birthday and reads at the bottom, “You know how we feel, right?”. He also uploaded the photo of the cake onto his Instagram, where iKON ‘s Yunhyeong and Donghyuk (DK) ... Full story

Sperm donations from dead men should be allowed, study says

Sperm donations taken from men after they have died should be allowed, a study says. The analysis, which is published in the Journal of Medical Ethics, claims that opt-in post-death donations could be a "morally permissible" way of increasing the stocks available. In 2017 in the UK, 2,345 babies were born after a sperm donation. However, there is a growing shortage of donations around the country because of strict regulations. Sperm can be ... Full story

Terrorism laws to get tougher within weeks, government vows

Image caption The home secretary said November's attack "confronted us with some hard truths about how we deal with terrorist offenders". Terror offenders will face more time in jail and be monitored more closely as part of new laws being introduced within weeks, the government has said. Automatic early release from prison will be scrapped for terror offenders while a minimum jail term of 14 years for serious crimes will be introduced. The Home ... Full story

Hundreds of US-bound migrants cross river to reach Mexico

Hundreds of migrants have waded into a river on the southern Mexico border as they try to reach the United States. The migrants, mainly from Honduras, took to the water after being refused permission to cross a bridge over the Suchiate river. Mexico has cut off migration routes to the US under pressure from President Donald Trump. Mexican National Guard troops with riot shields tried to stop the migrants from climbing the river bank. But ... Full story

Park Hae Jin Is A Charismatic Businessman With A Hidden Pain In Upcoming Drama “Forest”

KBS 2TV’s upcoming drama “Forest” has revealed new stills of a charismatic Park Hae Jin . The drama is about a man who has everything but a heart, and a woman who has lost everything but her heart. It follows their love story after they meet in a mysterious forest and try to uncover the secret behind the forest and themselves. Park Hae Jin plays Kang San Hyuk, an elite specialist at an investment firm who will do whatever it takes to achieve ... Full story

EVERGLOW release an occult time table for their 1st mini album 'Reminiscence'

EVERGLOW have released a mystical time table for their 1st mini album comeback! According to the time table below, the rookie girl group will kick off official teasers for their comeback promotions this January 22 with a series of concept photos. Afterward, fans can look forward to more content such as an album tracklist, an MV teaser, a highlight medley, and more, leading up to the full release of EVERGLOW's 1st mini album ' Reminiscence ' ... Full story

Park Bo Gum plays the starring role in Lee Seung Chul's new music video

Park Bo Gum is playing a starring role in Lee Seung Chul 's music video! The veteran singer recently released a video for his song "I Love You More" on January 20th. The song is also an OST track for webtoon 'The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor' . Park Bo Gum is definitely stealing hearts with his visuals and sentimental gazes and stars alongside actress Go Yoon Jung as a sensitive lover. Check out the video below! Full story

Young offenders in 'harmful solitary confinement' in England and Wales

A boy at a young offenders institute was left to lie on a mattress on the floor of a "filthy" cell for more than 22 hours a day, a report has revealed. The chief inspector of prisons in England and Wales, Peter Clarke, said a practice of separating children from their peers at YOIs amounted to "harmful solitary confinement". He said the policy had "fundamental flaws" and was a risk to mental health. The government said it would be making ... Full story

[MV and Album Review] SF9 – 'First Collection'

2. Am I The Only One. 3. Shh. 4. Lullu Lalla. 5. One Love. 6. Like The Hands Held Tight. 7. Fire. 8. Stop It Now. 9. Dance With Us. 10. Beautiful Light. SF9 has dropped its very first full album, aptly titled ' First Collection .' It's got 10 tracks, including the title track " Good Guy ." But enough about the album itself -- how does it sound? Starting with synth stabs, " Good Guy " is their title track. It's kind of a low-key dance track. The ... Full story

Trump impeachment: President's lawyers demand immediate acquittal

Image caption President Trump is facing two counts of impeachment. President Donald Trump's legal team, representing him at his impeachment trial, has demanded that he is immediately acquitted by the Senate. In a brief submitted on Monday, they called the impeachment "a dangerous perversion" of the constitution. Meanwhile House impeachment managers submitted their own brief, saying Mr Trump engaged in "corrupt conduct... to cheat in the next ... Full story