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Racial-profiling debate rages after British sprinter Bianca Williams is handcuffed by police

LONDON — A British sprinter has accused London Metropolitan Police of racial-profiling her family, after an encounter with officers was partly captured on video and went viral. Bianca Williams, 26, said she believes police targeted her and her family because they are black and were in a Mercedes. Support our journalism. Subscribe today. The Team GB runner, who won a gold medal for Britain in the 2018 Commonwealth Games, and her partner, Ricardo ... Full story

The White House: "LIVE: @PressSec holds a briefing"

The White House: "LIVE: @PressSec holds a briefing" - -. - Sorry, this site requires JavaScript for full functionality. Please enable JavaScript in your browser and reload the page. Full story

Colin Kaepernick, Disney announce partnership, including ESPN documentary series

Disney and Colin Kaepernick announced a new production deal Monday to create scripted and unscripted shows across a number of the media giant’s platforms. The first project, according to the announcement, will be a documentary series in which Kaepernick tells the story of his journey from NFL quarterback to activist. Support our journalism. Subscribe today. According to the announcement, Kaepernick recruited former ESPN writer and TV host ... Full story

Trump will accept a ‘steady’ few hundred coronavirus deaths a day as the cost of his reelection Washington Post

President Trump presents his approach the coronavirus pandemic as being rooted in optimism. He’s said so explicitly, arguing that it’s his role to offer hope to the public. This motivation is reflected in nearly everything he says about the virus: that there will soon be a vaccine, that it will go away, that there are or will be drugs which can ameliorate its worst effects. Support our journalism. Subscribe today. This isn't really optimism, ... Full story

Russia digs trench around Siberian village to enforce COVID quarantine

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian authorities have dug a trench around a remote Siberian village to enforce a quarantine, after dozens of residents contracted the coronavirus, which local officials believe was spread at a traditional shaman ritual. A view shows a trench dug by the local authorities around a remote Siberian village of Shuluta to enforce a quarantine due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, in Republic of Buryatia, Russia, in ... Full story

Opinion profiteers — are abandoning Trump Post

The right-wing industrial complex — from red-state members of Congress who willingly carried water for Vladimir Putin during the impeachment hearings, to the talk radio hosts and pundits who rationalize whatever spittle President Trump emits, to the pseudo-intellectuals who thought "states’ rights” were a benign justification for Jim Crow — will not give up on Trump. Their audiences and donor base are in Trump’s thrall, so the Trump enablers ... Full story

Companies are hiring their own epidemiologists to deal with covid-19

Grubhub wasn’t sure how to safely deliver meals during a pandemic. The familiar food safety rules of temperature and sanitation were not enough. Did drivers need masks? Hand sanitizer? What could be done better? Skin care company Dermalogica also had questions, including whether its worldwide staff of skin therapists could gently poke and prod customers. Support our journalism. Subscribe today. So both companies hired an epidemiologist trained ... Full story

Trump is "enabling the virus," New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says

Cuomo says Trump is "enabling" COVID-19. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on Monday took aim at President Trump, accusing the president of "enabling the virus" by making false and misleading statements about COVID-19 and its impact on the nation. The governor made the comments as a staggering 40 out of 50 states are seeing coronavirus infections on the rise. Calling the virus a "major" problem, Cuomo implored Mr. Trump not to be a ... Full story

U.S. pandemic aid program saved 51.1 million jobs, but wealthy and connected also got loans

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Some 51.1 million jobs were protected by a high-profile pandemic aid program, the Trump administration said on Monday as it revealed how a firehose of $521.4 billion in taxpayer cash washed across the landscape of America’s small businesses. FILE PHOTO: A woman runs past the Charging Bull sculpture in the Financial District as streets remain less busy due to the continuing outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in ... Full story

Accused Jeffrey Epstein accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell moved to New York jail

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Ghislaine Maxwell, the alleged accomplice of the late financier Jeffrey Epstein, has been moved to a jail in New York, according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, where she faces charges of facilitating a sex-trafficking ring. Maxwell, 58, was arrested on Thursday in New Hampshire and had been held over the weekend at the Merrimack County Jail, a medium-security facility 20 miles (32 km) from the luxurious home where ... Full story