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Covid-19: NI lockdown to be extended until 5 March

Covid-19: NI lockdown to be extended until 5 March - BBC News - - - - - caret-downsearchnolistlistdurationnodurationdurationduration Full story

behavioral support and remote visits make digital health a strong bet for 2021 – TechCrunch

In TechCrunch investor surveys of years past, we’ve seen a big focus on fixing what’s broken or bringing the infrastructure into the modern era . But the world has dramatically changed since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. More of us saw our doctor on video than ever before in 2020 — reaching a 300-fold increase in telehealth visits. It was the year healthcare finally moved fully into the digital space with data management solutions as ... Full story

YouTube launches hashtag landing pages to all users – TechCrunch

YouTube is embracing the hashtag. The company has been quietly working on a new feature that allows users to better discover content using hashtags — either by clicking on a hashtag on YouTube or by typing in a hashtag link directly. Before, these actions would return a mix of content related to the hashtag, but not only those videos where the hashtag had been directly used. Now that’s changing, as YouTube has fully rolled out its new “hashtag ... Full story

South African startup Aerobotics raises $17M to scale its AI-for-agriculture platform – TechCrunch

As the global agricultural industry stretches to meet expected population growth and food demand, and food security becomes more of a pressing issue with global warming, a startup out of South Africa is using artificial intelligence to help farmers manage their farms, trees, and fruits. Aerobotics is a South African startup that provides intelligent tools to the world’s agriculture industry. It raised $17 million in an oversubscribed Series B ... Full story

MIT aims to speed up robot movements to match robot thoughts using custom chips – TechCrunch

MIT researchers are looking to address the significant gap between how quickly robots can process information (relatively slowly), and how fast they can move (very quickly thanks to modern hardware advances), and they’re using something called ‘robomorphic computing’ to do it. The method, designed by MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence (CSAIL) graduate Dr. Sabrina Neuman, results in custom computer chips that can offer hardware ... Full story

Covid-19: Bridgwater Muller worker dies and 95 staff self-isolating

Covid-19: Bridgwater Muller worker dies and 95 staff self-isolating - BBC News - - - - - caret-downsearchnolistlistdurationnodurationdurationduration Full story

Malware found on laptops given out by government

Malware found on laptops given out by government - BBC News - - - - - caret-downsearchnolistlistdurationnodurationdurationduration Full story

Plaid launches FinRise, an incubator for underrepresented fintech founders – TechCrunch

Plaid is launching FinRise, a nine-month incubator for early-stage fintech founders from underrepresented backgrounds. Inspired by an internal hackathon amid Black Lives Matter protests last summer, the accelerator is explicitly looking at startups led by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). Plaid Growth Manager Nell Malone and Design Manager Bhargavi Kamakshivalli are spearheading the project. Malone tells TechCrunch that the ... Full story

A.I.-powered transcription service can now record from Google Meet – TechCrunch , the A.I.-powered voice transcription service which already integrates with Zoom for recording online meetings and webinars, is today bringing its service to Google Meet’s over 100 million users. However, in this case, will provide its live, interactive transcripts and video captions by way of a Chrome web browser extension. Once installed, a “Live Notes” panel will launch directly in the Chrome web browser during Google Meet ... Full story

Walking Duck is a digital news startup trying to find middle ground in U.S. politics – TechCrunch

Can any news organization bridge the separate realities that the left and right seem to occupy in U.S. politics? A new startup with the odd-yet-memorable name Walking Duck is going to try. Walking Duck (an inversion of a “lame duck” president and a reference to the duck test ) was founded by journalist Mark Halperin, as well as Paul and Audra Wilke, who are also backing it with their PR firm Upright Position Communications. While the startup is ... Full story