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World's oldest pearl to go on display in Abu Dhabi

The world's oldest known pearl is set to be exhibited at the Louvre Abu Dhabi this month, the first time it will be displayed to the public since its discovery. The 8,000-year-old pearl was uncovered at an archaeological site on Marawah Island, off the coast of Abu Dhabi, according to the emirate's Department of Culture and Tourism (DCT). Archaeologists made the discovery in the room of a structure they were excavating, the DCT said via a video ... Full story

TXT head off on an adventure in cinematic MV for 'Run Away'

TXT is officially making their first comeback since debut! On October 21 KST, the group released their first full-length album ' The Dream Chapter: Magic ,' featuring title track " Run Away .". "Run Away" is a synth-pop track with a fun 1980s sound, which contains lyrics encouraging the listener to run away with them to a special place that is only theirs. Check out the full music video for the song above! Full story

In a trendy neighborhood in Seoul, a new pub offers a taste of repressive North Korea

Seoul (CNN) — In a hip neighborhood in Seoul, South Koreans are getting a taste of one of the world's most repressive regimes. There are posters of smiling North Korean women. There are banners in the style of North Korean propaganda. And there are beers that look like they've come straight from a North Korean state-owned brewery. Welcome to Pyongyang Pub, Seoul's North Korea-themed watering hole. FORBIDDEN FRUIT. With its authoritarian regime ... Full story

No Meetings, No Gifts And NPR

This notice on a cigarette packet in Thailand shows the potential impact of reduced blood circulation to extremities because of smoking. Such pictorial warnings are among the anti-smoking measures that are more likely to be found in countries that have limited Big Tobacco's influence on their politics, according to the new Global Tobacco Industry Interference Index. Uganda explicitly bars government officials from accepting gifts of any kind ... Full story

Resurgent Hong Kong protesters stage huge rally, violence erupts again

HONG KONG (Reuters) - Police and pro-democracy protesters battled on the streets of Hong Kong on Sunday as thousands of people rallied in several districts in defiance of attempts by the authorities to crack down on demonstrators. After two weeks of relative calm in the five-month-long crisis, the rally drew broad-based support from regular citizens including young families and the elderly. But a more radical faction of largely young protesters ... Full story

"You don't look blind / disabled" My Blurred World

“You don’t look blind”, “You don’t look disabled”, “You don’t look ill…”. These are observations that leave many of us who have a disability or chronic illness feeling confused, baffled, and as I’ve learned in the last week or so, sometimes even conflicted. If you took my cane out of my hand and you weren’t a lucky witness to my many bumps, crashes and stumbles, you couldn’t tell that I’m blind (or so I’m told). Now put the cane back in my ... Full story

AB6IX sell out tickets to first solo concert

AB6IX has sold out their first solo concert. They'll be at the Seoul Olympic Park's KSPO DOME for the Seoul leg of their ' 6IXSENSE ' world tour. Tickets went on pre-sale on the 16th and went on general sales on the 18th. All the tickets to both the show on November 9th and on November 10th sold out completely. Congratulations to AB6IX. Full story

Huh Gak and A Pink's Eunji to release ballad duet

Huh Gak and A Pink 's Eunji will be releasing a duet song. The song will drop on October 31st, and will be a farewell song that fits the fall weather. Huh Gak suggested his duet partner, and Eunji decided to feature without any hesitation. Stay tuned for more on the duet! Full story

Inside the Band's Big Sales Week | Billboard

From left: Ten, Baekhyun, Lucas, Taemin, Taeyong, Kai, and Mark of SuperM photographed on Sept. 12, 2019 at Teo Studio in Seoul. A little over two months ago, the world didn’t even know about K-pop group SuperM. Yet this week the seven-piece band turned heads when it landed a No. 1 debut on the Billboard 200 with its first-ever LP, The 1st Mini Album , driven almost entirely by album sales. It’s a stunning achievement for the project, which was ... Full story

united over Brexit, divided over much else - Reuters

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Summits are usually a chance for European Union leaders to discuss problems and try to strengthen their union. But after two days of talks in Brussels, the only issue they could agree on is the very one that’s a symbol of disunity: Brexit. European Union leaders attend a round table meeting at the European Union leaders summit, in Brussels, Belgium October 17, 2019. Olivier Matthys/Pool via REUTERS. Ironically, on the ... Full story