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C-drama “ The Longest Day in Chang’an ” is a gripping historical thriller based on a best-selling novel by award-winning author Ma Bo Yong. As the title already suggests, the whole drama depicts one single day in the Tang dynasty capital Chang’an (now Xi’an). It’s Lantern Festival in A.D. 744. Former constable and now prisoner on death row Zhang Xiao Jing ( Lei Jia Yin ) is freed by the head of Chang’an’s anti-terror department, Li Bi (TF Boys’ Jackson Yee ) in order to help with a special mission. A group of Turks have infiltrated the city and plan to wreak havoc. In order to save the people, Zhang Xiao Jing is now tasked to catch the group, and a race against time begins. Since its prem... Full story

19 July