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Wendy’s is going to have a field day with this one on social media . Nurse and avid equestrian Marcella Gruchalak finally rode her horse through the drive-thru lane at a Wendy’s near Pittsburgh last month, a stunt she’s apparently been itching to pull “for years.”. WENDY'S TAKES TWITTER JAB AT MCDONALD'S OVER SUPER BOWL OUTAGE. Gruchalak and her friend Shelly Tate had just left a fundraiser in Fox Chapel, Penn., when they decided to stop by Wendy’s to grab a treat for her horse Buns, WNEP reported. “[This has been] on my bucket list for years, and today I finally get to check that one off because me and Funny Bunny B went through Wendy’s!” Gruchalak said on Facebook the day of the stunt. In... Full story

13 February