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Image caption The tourists were also fined €950 (£853). Police in Venice have fined two German tourists who were caught making coffee on the steps of the Rialto bridge. The backpackers, aged 32 and 35, were fined a total of €950 (£853) for preparing coffee on a travel cooker. They were also asked to leave the city. Venice has introduced a law on a series of public order offences - including picnicking at certain sites and not wearing a shirt in public spaces. About 30 million tourists visit the city every year. The tourists from Berlin were spotted making coffee at the foot of the Rialto Bridge - the oldest of the four bridges on the Grand Canal. They were reported to police by a passerby. Venice Mayor Luigi Brugnaro said: "Venice must be respected and those impolite people who come here and do what they want must understand that. Thanks to the local police, they will be sanctioned and removed." Image caption The pair, from Germany, were asked to leave Venic... Full story

20 July