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by Rachel Murray/Getty Images for GBK Productions. She's up for a Grammy as best new artist. But lots of people are still discovering H.E.R. Part of the mystery can be chalked up to the 21-year-old artist herself. She's been pretty outspoken about wanting people to focus on the music, and not -- wait for it -- her. To that end, she wears sunglasses and doesn't share her real name. But fans figured out early on that H.E.R. is Gabi Wilson, a former child prodigy who blew viewers away when, as a 10-year-old, she performed the Alicia Keys hit "If I Ain't Got You" on "Today.". Ironically, Keys is hosting this year's Grammy Awards. Is it a sign? H.E.R. told CNN's Stephanie Elam Sunday that she sh... Full story

11 February