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Being Creative And Romantic At The Same Time Can Go A Long Way. For romantics, giving roses to someone has become a cliché. Why not try injecting your roses with some creativity. This will surely make your significant other love you even more! What You Need:. - DENSE FOLIAGE. - 1-2 DOZEN ROSES. - PINS. - LACE. - SCISSORS. - FLORAL FOAM. - PLATE OR SHALLOW CONTAINER. What You Need To Do:. 1. Condition your flowers by taking out extra leaves and cutting an inch or two off the ends, and set in clean water for 3-4 hours. Hydrate your floral foam. Cut to size and fit snuggly into the container. Use plastic if needed. 2. Have the floral foam exposed about 2 inches off the rim of the container. Use pins t... Full story

18 January