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The members of CLC sat down at the ' NewsAde ' studio for a fun ' Telepathy ' test! The members divided up into team A ( Seungyeon , Elkie , Yoojin , Eunbin ) and team B ( Yeeun , Sorn , Seunghee ), to see how well they could all guess matching answers to all types of questions. Team A started off rough from the beginning, as Seungyeon proved(?) she had no interest in what maknae Eunbin enjoys eating for breakfast! Yoojin and Elkie continued to shine by providing the majority answers each round, while Seungyeon and Eunbin took turns making random guesses more catered to their preferences, rather than to the group as a whole. In the end, the three members blew up and got out of their seats to scold(?) Seungyeon for all of her wrong answers! Full story

19 February