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Do you ever wonder what careers your favorite idols would have if they didn't commit to being an idol? It can be difficult to remember at times that K-pop idols have separate interests beyond their K-pop careers! Here are 10 idols and the careers they wanted to pursue if they didn't become idols:. SANA. TWICE Sana's dream career would have been a Kindergarten teacher if she wasn't an idol! How cute! We think Sana's personality would fit a role as a Kindergarten teacher. Other idols who also were interested in being teachers include EXO's Chen and GOT7's Jinyoung. TAEYANG. Taeyang of SF9 stated that if he wasn't an idol, he'd be a florist! Taeyang has spoken about his love of flowers before and even said his favorite was Lisianthus flowers! Full story

12 January