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1 : シューティングスタープレス(愛媛県)@\(^o^)/ :2017/02/09(木) 15:34:35.30 BE:135853815-PLT(12000) ポイント特典. 日本語訳はスレ内で. SWEDEN YES! High school flooded by migrants turns into war zone. Anonymous (ID: mMPOOeDN) Norway 02/08/17(Wed)20:51:01 No.111665560. The Swedish high school "Varnhemsskolan"which in 2016 got awarded a "peace price" because it enrolled a large amount of migrantshas turned into a war zone (or as some would call it, an American high school). Trying to keep the peace,the school has been encircled by barbed wire and checkpoints with guards. Gangs of "youths" based around ethnicity,mainly Afghans vs Arabs fight each other over religion,girls and the schoolyard drug trade. The princip... Full story

16 February