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Afro fusion artist Ikayh. Festac Town, the iconic Lagos hood, is miles miles away from Port Harcourt, but music transcends borders. When Burna Boy made his debut album L.I.F.E ( Leaving an Impact for Eternity ), a youngster was left hypnotized by his penchant for storytelling, nuance, and songwriting. Ikayh , born Ikechukwu Ejiofor to parents from Anambra state, was that secondary school student, listening to the Afro Fusion artist who he refers to as a major inspiration. “I used to be a rapper. When I was trying to find my sound I listened to a lot of Burna Boy. He's my major influence. People say we're alike but I just think we share similar voice –deep vocals,” the 22-year-old artist says over a phone call. Full story

26 September