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KPOP Female Idols Who Slay in Red. KPOP idols' visuals are one of their major concerns as this either attracts or distracts the audience. While these celebrities are normally enamored with fashion and style, some really astound the others. Whether an idol simply knows how to amazingly carry a specific outfit, or ones beauty does it all; these KPOP stars are immensely slaying in Red. Here is the list of KPOP female idols who definitely slay in Red. Heejin. (Photo : Instagram). KPOP Female Idols Who Slay in Red. Given that she has a cute face, Heejin of Loona excels while wearing a red dress on stage. Her snowy complexion fits the contrasting color of scarlet. Aside from that, her ebony hair and eyebrows match the fierce color. Full story

1 April