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In the age of customer reviews, getting ripped off by people on eBay should be a thing of the past. But no matter how good we get at keeping scammers out, they get even better at finding a way in. Reviews can be bought, photos can be found on Google, and you can still end up holding a piece of junk and an L like these unfortunate souls. Buyer beware. Advertisement. 1. APPARENTLY, IT'S NOT JUST ONLINE SCAMMERS WHO DON'T BELIEVE THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT. Still, whoever did this at least gave some money back and wrote a nice little apology on the box. If this person knew what else was coming, they'd feel like a star. Twitter | @Try2ShootUsDown. 2. HMM, I GUESS IT'S KIND OF HARD TO DECIDE WHETHER TO BLAME THE SELLER OR BAD LUCK HERE. Full story

12 December