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Eun Ji Won says he was surprised by Park Myung Soo 's bank account. At the January 21st press conference for ' LikeLikesLike ', cast members Eun Ji Won, Park Myung Soo, Jung Sung Gyu , In Gyo Jin , Lee Soo Hyuk , Kwanghee , Lee Yong Jin , Ha Seung Jin , Jang Hyuk , and Sunggyu discussed their impressions of each other. Park Myung Soo revealed, "I saw new side of In Gyo Jin. He's known to be wealthy, but he has no money in his account. His father is rich, but he said he himself is going through hard times.". Eun Ji Won then put Park Myung Soo on blast, saying, "Park Myung Soo hyung is also unexpected. He has 4 billion Won ($3,429,034.40 USD) in his account. I thought he was a beggar, but he... Full story

21 January