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I.O.I's comeback is reportedly delayed and it caused a ruckus among the media and fans. It can be recalled that earlier this year, through the confirmation of Studio Blu last June, the girl group is supposed to return this month. The full statement reads:. "Hello, this is I.O.I, At our last concert, we promised to meet again. We have all been working hard in our own fields, always dreaming of a reunion. We have now decided in October 2019 that Kim Sejeong, Choi Yoojung, Chungha, Kim Sohye, Zhou Jieqiong, Jung Chaeyeon, Kim Doyeon, Kang Mina and Im Nayoung will be standing in front of you again under the name I.O.I. We wanted to meet the fans who have been waiting for us as soon as possible... Full story

21 October