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Kim Woo Seok will be holding his first solo fan meeting! On January 23 at midnight KST, Kim Woo Seok announced via his Instagram that he’ll be meeting fans through an event titled “Woo Seok Ah” on February 22. Adding “ah” to a name is an informal way of addressing someone, and the poster he shared for the fan meeting shares that the characters make an acrostic poem in Korean that reads “Our Seok is beautiful.”. Kim Woo Seok debuted with UP10TION in 2015 and competed on “Produce X 101” in 2019. He was chosen as one of the members of the the show’s project group X1, however following their August debut a vote manipulation controversy led to the group’s disbandment on January 6. How does this article make you feel? Full story

22 January