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I dont know what it is with guitar players but they tend to develop terrible time says Charlie Hunter. No hes not asserting that guitarists are always late to the gig or that they cant read a watch. Hes simply observing that when most guitarists sit down to practice they typically focus on riffs melodies chords scales and improvisation in other words on everything except>br>Theres nothing worse than playing guitar with bad time continues Hunter. Its something weve all been guilty of and its always worth improving upon because unless your time is absolutely on youre a burden to the other people sharing the stage with>br> Granted whether youre watching Hunter perform live or listening to one of his adventurous jazzfunk albums such as his new disc Right Now MoveRopeadope there are plenty of spectacular audiencedazzling aspects of the guitarists style that dont directly have to do with rhythm. For example the way Hunter simultaneously handles bass lines melodies solos ... Full story

21 June