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Reviewed by: Abhyudai Dhawan. In the protest poem “My Tibetanness,” the Dharamshala-based contemporary poet, writer and activist Tenzin Tsundue vocalizes the resentiment inherited by his people: ‘I am Tibetan./ But I am not from Tibet./ Never been there./ Yet I dream/ of dying there.’/. Dawa Tashi, Tsering Khortsa’s protagonist, emerges, as if from bardo, a lama in the Mid-Levels, an affluent Hong Kong neighborhood: “I did not intend to be a meditation teacher…I have a story to tell.” He also has never been to Tibet. He hands over a packed suitcase to the author himself, a clever literary mod con, the contents of which need to be turned into a book. So begins The Tibetan Suitcase, K... Full story

22 February