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It is the job of The Royal Mint to literally make money - and yet in 2017, it did not produce a single 20p or £2 coin for general circulation. Mintage figures show that, in 2016, it made 213 million 20p pieces, but the following year it produced none. Millions of £2 coins were cut in 2016; the next year - nothing. The riddle is partially answered by the introduction of the 12-sided £1 coin. UK consumers emptied jam jars full of saved coins before shops stopped accepting the old round pounds. As a result, they also flooded shops and banks with all their other coins. It meant, for a year at least, there were plenty of 20p and £2 coins to go around and no more were needed. HOW THE SYSTEM WORKS. The Royal Mint, the cash handling industry, banks and the Post Office regularly review the amount of coins circulating in the syst... Full story

10 May