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About an hour into the Golden Globes , while on the prowl for a standout moment (a stirring Oprah speech ? a hilarious Amy/Tina-esue monologue? anything?) to write about—and, I daresay, to care about—I Slacked my editor: The awards show is dying a slow death. This was an observation more than a story idea, but, for me, this is the story of not just the Globes but the Oscars and most big, network-televised tentpole awards shows like the Emmys and Grammys, too. There is an air of irrelevance underlying them, a sense that we are all strangely and awkwardly out of time (somewhere in the early 90's, maybe), trapped by an antiquated, overlong, wooden format, and clawing aimlessly at sagging rat... Full story

13 January