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With the benefit of hindsight, it's easy to think of things we wish we'd done before coronavirus uprooted our lives. We asked you if you could go back to the beginning of 2020 what your pre-lockdown advice for yourself would be. This is what you told us - and you can add your own responses on social media using the hashtag #MyLockdownAdvice. Hug mum. Hug mum. Hug mum. And savour mum's pancakes... you won't get them for a while - Liam Black, 33. Never take going to see your dad in a care home for granted. I'd do anything to be able to give him a hug right now - Kim Wilson, 48. To treasure life, and hugs, a lot more. To give my nana the biggest hug and kiss before saying goodbye forever, and to eat whatever I want! - Megan, 26 Full story

23 May