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Image caption European eels are one of the UK's most endangered species. Dealers looking to illegally export European eels from the UK have been exposed by BBC Countryfile. Posing as a UK fisherman who had legally caught the eels on the River Severn in Gloucestershire, presenter Joe Crowley was approached by Chinese and Russian buyers and a UK exporter. They were prepared to pay up to seven times the normal catch price if the eels could be sent out of the EU. An export ban on the endangered species has been in place since 2010. Organised crime gangs are said to be smuggling about 350 million live baby eels - or 'glass' eels - every year to Asia, where they are farmed and sold as a delicacy. Andrew Kerr, of the Sustainable Eel Group said the illegal trade in glass eels was estimated to be worth about £3bn a yea... Full story

15 June