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Mnet' s girl group competition show ' Queendom ' features Park Bom, AOA, Mamamoo, Lovelyz, Oh My Girl, and (G)I-DLE . In the 2nd round of the series, the groups were tasked to cover another competitor's song. AOA and MAMAMOO exchanged songs; the former sang "Egotistic" and the latter sang "Good Luck.". Showing their Appreciation. While waiting for the results, the artists approached one other, praising their work. Seeing this, Moonbyul quickly set out to borrow a sketchbook from a staff member. She wrote on the paper and timidly showed the message to the other group. It read " AOA, we loved your performance, you guys were amazing! " She and Hwasa then flashed bright smiles and a thumbs-up. ... Full story

21 September