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- He started the farm in August 2016, ploughing in the business Sh400,000 drawn from his savings and a loan from a family member. - As part of pest and disease control, he vaccinates the chicks against Gumboro at day 10 and Newcastle at day 20 and 30. - To disinfect the sawdust, he spreads it on black polythene sheet then sprays on it a disinfect. He then dries the sawdust in the sun until it is dry before putting in the coops. - His challenge is the rising cost of feeds, with a 50kg bag of chicken starter going for Sh3,300 and a 50kg bag of pellets atSh3,100. Advertisement By ELIZABETH OJINA. Obwolo village in Mamboleo, Kisumu County, is a rather quiet neighbourhood, with most people living in homesteads that are fenced with hedges. Full story

25 January