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GEORGETOWN'S IRON TECH LAWYER COMPETITION 2019 WEDNESDAY APRIL 24TH 1:30-4PM. GEORGETOWN LAW | GEWIRZ BUILDING, 12TH FLOOR. Iron Tech Lawyer 2019 kicks off at 1.30 pm! Watch the livestream and cast your vote at the end of the competition (around 3.30 pm). You can see a sneak peek of the projects below. WATCH THE 2019 COMPETITION LIVE. VOTE FOR THE 2019 WINNERS! Note: This poll will only accept votes cast after the final student presentation concludes, around 3.30 p.m. Votes cast before that time will not be counted! Multiple votes will not be counted. If you have questions or problems with online voting, please email . 2019 STUDENT APPS. Click on the headings or images below to access the apps. Full story

24 April