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Image caption Cuadrilla said the tremor was the equivalent to "dropping a bag of shopping on the floor". Fracking at the UK's only active site has been halted after the largest tremor yet recorded. Seismic activity with a magnitude of 1.55 was detected at the Preston New Road site near Blackpool on Wednesday night, Cuadrilla said. Previously, the largest tremor recorded at Little Plumpton was 1.5. Cuadrilla said the latest would not have been felt by most locals and likened it to "a large bag of shopping dropping to the floor". The British Geological Survey measured the tremor as 1.6 . Any tremor measuring 0.5 or above means fracking must be temporarily stopped while tests are carried out. Cuadrilla said it had suspended activity for 18 hours after the "small" tremor, and was monitoring the site... Full story

22 August