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Ock Joo Hyun revealed why she used to resent Lee Hyori in a heart-to-heart talk. On the August 18th installment of ' Camping Club ', Ock Joo Hyun expressed, "You're the most like a leader than I've ever seen you, unni," and Lee Hyori responded, "During our Fin.K.L days, I really hated losing. That's why when I debuted solo, I clenched my fist and did my best.". Ock Joo Hyun then shared why she used to hold resentment against her fellow group member, saying, "My mom told me, 'You need to do music that people want to hear like Lee Hyori. Why are you doing music that no one listens to?' I was happy you were doing well, but the moment my mom compared us, I was so angry about your existence. Th... Full story

18 August